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On this date in WCW history: Lex Luger drops the strap, joins the WBF

On February 29, 1992, Lawrence Wendell Pfohl, known by his pro wrestling moniker of Lex Luger (among others), would finish out his contract with World Championship Wrestling (WCW) by dropping his World Heavyweight Title to Sting.

The bout would take place as the main event for WCW SuperBrawl II from the Milwaukee Theater at the MECCA in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and be the last time Luger would appear on the WCW roster until his return in 1995.

That's because Luger was headed to Vince McMahon's ill-fated World Bodybuilding Federation (WBF), but a motorcycle accident kept him from participating. Eventually the WBF self-destructed and McMahon instead brought Luger into the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) as The Narcissist.

After a brief run as a heel, he took over the role of patriotic face in the absence of Hulk Hogan, getting all decked out in red white and blue and embarking on the Lex Express tour. We all know how that turned out.

Video of Luger's last match in WCW (at that time) after the jump.

Anyone have anything good to say about Luger's WWF run?

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