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Video of The Rock's return promo on John Cena from Raw

In case you missed it last night (or just want to watch it again), here's the long 21 minute segment featuring The Rock cutting his promo on John Cena. He gets interrupted around the 15:45 mark and I can't help but notice Rock's face as Cena's music hits.

He looks confused, doesn't he? A little upset, even.

Again, part of what makes pro wrestling fun is that it's a constant struggle between what's reality and what isn't. And chances are, if you see it on television, that's because you're supposed to. But make no mistake, there are most certainly instances when audibles are called and things aren't planned in advance that occur live for all of us to see.

This kind of felt like that. Watching it again, Rock sincerely looks pissed off when he gets in Cena's face after the comment about wrist notes. If it's a work then the acting was superb and if it's a shoot, well, that's even better.

I thought a comment from Sean Waltman on Twitter was worth mentioning:

"I have a hard time believing Rock would allow that to happen."

Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer also said he didn't know if it was a double cross or not but he leans toward it being a worked shoot mostly because Rock let Cena speak and then leave. Meltzer opined that if it was a shoot, Rock would have interrupted and taken control of the segment before any damage could be done.

That makes sense. And, again, if WWE is going for a 50/50 split reaction at WrestleMania in Miami, they have to do something to get there. This was simply a part of making that happen. Will it work by April 1?

Stay tuned.

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