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TNA Impact spoilers for episode set to air Mar. 1

Three episodes of Impact separate the stars of TNA and the fans from their next pay-per-view (PPV) offering, Victory Road. The main event was set last week when Sting put on his "war paint" and announced he would be taking on TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bobby -- should be Robert -- Roode.

Zema Ion has already himself a shot at Austin Aries' X-Dvision title so we can expect that match-up as well.

But what of the rest of the card?!

Well, no fear, Cagesiders because we've got all and hot and ready spoilers from last night's (Feb. 27) taping at the Impact Zone right here. They'll be filming the two remaining episodes tonight and tomorrow but for now, find out what you can expect this Thursday.

Here's a hint: more camera shots of Bully Ray's freakish calves.

World Heavyweight Champion Bobby -- should be Robert -- Roode is bragging about his beatdown on Sting the week before. Austin Aries shows up and joins in on complaining about the Stinger and references the tweet he sent a few days ago. "A Double" wasn't too keen on the former World Championship Wrestling (WCW) star booking himself in the main event of Victory Road.

Inside the ring, Kurt Angle is ripping into Jeff Hardy. He's holding cue cards to help him remember all the reasons he hates Hardy, the worst of them being Angle's own kid prefers "The Charismatic Enigma" to his poppa. He calls Hardy out, the "DayGlo Superstar" comes out and they brawl after Angle eats a slap.

First match of the evening was AJ Styles taking on Christopher Daniels and then Kazarian in a gauntlet match. But before it begins, Styles said if he won, he wanted the information or whatever it was Daniels was using to control Kazarian out in the open. "The Phenomenal One" ended up beating "The Fallen Angel' when Kazarian ran in and hit his finisher on Styles, giving him the disqualifcation win. But the former Fortune member immediately pinned Styles which meant he kept his dirty, little secret. I bet it's that Kazarian doesn't actually like Metallica at all and in fact, couldn't even name one song aside from Enter Sandman.

That's probably not it.

Backstage, Bully Ray is roped in by Roode and Aries in their nefarious plot to overthrow the Stinger. I shall call them The Anti-Sting Society or The ASS for short.

Madison Rayne had Knockouts Champion Gail Kim in her corner when she took on ODB who was backed up by her boo, Eric Young. They really are a cute couple. The ending came when Kim screwed up hitting ODB with her title while the referee was distracted which allowed the fan favorite to nail Madison with her modified stunner.

The ASS is in the ring, complaining about Sting. They performed an actual sit-in and said they're "done," mirroring what Sting tweeted two weeks ago. The lights went out and when they come back on, Sting was inside the ring. He asked The ASS if they're really done because if so, he's going to have to strip Roode and Aries of their respective titles. They started acting brand new real quick after that. Sting booked all three in a six-man tag match against the tag team champions of Samoa Joe and Magnus alongside James Storm for the main event.

Match number three was Zema Ion continuing his winning streak by defeating Shannon Moore. Next, Mickie James and Velvet Sky teamed up to defeat Angelina Love and Sarita. Man, call me cliche but good gravy, Velvet Sky is a stone cold fox.

The main event finally went down which was won by the fan favorites. "Cowboy" got the pinfall after Roodie tried to avoid him the entire match. Seriously, this feud -- if booked properly -- could be so good and make a ton of money. After the match, Ray goes after Magnus with a chair and hits a Van Daminator-type move on Storm.


So there you have it, Cagesiders. Whaddaya think?

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