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Daytona 500 start time delayed to 7 p.m. ET tonight (Feb. 27) but John Cena won't be there

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WWE superstar John Cena was supposed to wave the green flag at "The Great American Race," the Daytona 500.

Heavy rains put a damper on all that.

Because of bad weather down in Florida, the race was delayed from yesterday all the way to today (Feb. 27, 2012), which cast a shadow of doubt over whether or not Cena would get to enjoy the festivities.

He revealed on Twitter that he simply has more important things to do, like make sure he's in Portland tonight for Raw and the highly anticipated return of The Rock:

"Well NASCAR i tried. But if youre gonna run your race on monday night..ive got other plans. Leaving #raintona going to #RAW. If #raintona starts on tues, ill be there. But they have to understand. Dwaynes at raw. This is big. He doesnt show up....ever."

Poor spelling and grammar aside, message heard loud and clear. Cena will be in the building when Rock delivers his return shot for the promo Cena cut on him last week.

Follow along with Raw tonight during the live blog right here.

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