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The Rock responds to his anonymous critics via Twitter

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Tonight, the pressure is on for The Rock. There's more than just the usual pressure of trying to match John Cena verbally after he cut one of the most passionate promos of his career, who is doing his damnedest to try to rally fans behind him before WrestleMania 28, so he doesn't get booed out of the SunLife Stadium in Miami come April 1st. He also needs to put up big time to shut up his anonymous backstage critics, who have been moaning to anyone who cares to listen about his selfish attitude and only coming back to WWE to further his own Hollywood career, not because he wants to give back to the company and the fans who helped make him into a mainstream acting star.

In a veiled attack to those flaky faultfinders, The Rock told his former WWE colleagues Lance Storm and Shane "Hurricane" Helms via Twitter that its:

Incredible to me how many of the boys don't get the "business" part of our business.

Dwayne Johnson isn't the only one, as veteran wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer was venting on his latest radio show about how he was "so appalled by the stupidity of these guys" that "are in the business, but don't get the first thing about this business", who are more concerned about Rock being too busy to conform to locker room handshaking protocol (*cough cough* CM Punk *cough cough*) than the fact that he's a proven money draw for their company.

Meltzer went on to divulge that the root cause of Rock's heat with the boys was the fact that he did not allow Cena to get his heat back at WrestleMania 27 by allowing him to hit the Attitude Adjustment in revenge moments after Rock had cost him the WWE title in his main event match with The Miz. Personally I agree with Dave that this is a case of the boys not seeing the forest for the trees. Sure, Rock did not hang around much after, but he had agreed to come back for a match with Cena next year and having Cena get revenge straight away would have only served to dilute their grudge. Booking 101 for outsider feuds in wrestling is that you keep the outsider strong until the time is right for him to do the job, otherwise you leave money on the table. You would have thought CM Punk would have learnt that lesson after his momentum soon stalled in the run up and aftermath to SummerSlam upon his rushed return to the company he had walked out on after Money In The Bank and subsequent title loss, but I guess not.

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