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After two years, TNA and former X-Divison champion Brian Kendrick have reportedly parted ways

It was reported today by sPyWareInsider that Brian Kendrick has changed his relationship status with TNA from "It's Complicated" to "Single."

After dipping his toe in the Orlando based company's waters back in 2004, Kendrick became a full-fledged member of the roster in early 2010. He spent most of the year unsucessfully challenging for the X-Divison title losing matches to the likes of Amazing Red and Doug Williams before joining Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) throwback stable EV 2.0.

It wasn't until midway through 2011 that Kendrick was given renewed focus. He was given his "Wizard of Odd" gimmick where he acted sort of like a neo-hippie. He also became somewhat of the posterboy for the X-Division when he entered into a feud with Abyss.. The hardcore monster -- a decidedly non-X-Division wrestler -- was parading around with the belt as part of Eric Bischoff's storyline <ahem> feud with the high flyers.

In the co-main event of last year's Destination X pay-per-view (PPV), Kendrick finally defeated Abyss and brought the title back home where it belonged. He brought balance to the force. It was kind of like Star Wars except with a big, scary guy who wore a black mask and a small, blonde dude trying to get rid of him. Actually, it's almost exactly like Star Wars.

He would hold onto the title for a couple of months before dropping it and subsequently feuding with Austin Aries. The rivalry ended at Bound for Glory when the former champ was unable to wrest the title back from "A Double." Aries then went on to feud with Jesse Sorensen and Kid Kash.

It didn't seem like Dixie Carter and company had any plans for Kendrick after that.

That's a recurring problem how TNA handles the X-Division. Their long-term booking is pretty much nonexistent so unless someone is actively feuding for the title or being groomed to do so in the near future, they just drift into the background and are forgotten.

Kendrick is the latest victim.

Every cloud has a silver lining, however. The timing of his departure from TNA couldn't have come at a better time for his former employer, Ring of Honor (ROH). The company has a huge internet pay-per-view (iPPV) this Sunday (Mar. 4) celebrating their 10th Anniversary.

It would make for quite a pleasant surprise to have Kendrick -- who wrestled on the company's first show back in 2002 -- show up in New York City.

Think we will see Spanky ride again, Cagesiders?

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