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Video: This week's CHIKARA Podcast-A-Go-Go highlights some Sara Del Rey action from JoshiMania

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I used to be that guy.

I would crow on and on about how two women inside a wrestling ring couldn't muster up half the match two men of seemingly equal talent could. I didn't flat out cast off women's wrestling, I just didn't think it could be or ever would be as good as its male counterpart.

Then I started watching athletes like Sara Del Rey. I saw matches with Serena Deeb and Awesome Kong. These matches, these wrestlers were ... good. Damn good, even. But I still wasn't fully convinced.

My moment of clarity came during Anarchy Championship Wrestling's (ACW) final 2011 event, "Delusions of our Childish Day." During that event, the company -- which takes its womens aka joshi division very seriously -- held a six-woman ladder match.

I was blown away.

There inside the ring were six women ... no, athletes giving their all as good as any man. Rachel Summerlyn, Portia Perez, Athena and the rest of ACW's American Joshi roster deserve and demand the same respect wrestling fans give male wrestlers.

CHIKARA's another promotion which takes the fairer sex seriously inside the ring. In the Philadelphia-based promotion, there aren't women wrestlers, there are just wrestlers. Sara Del Rey mixes it up inside the ring with anyone, regardless of what position they're in when they pee.

She tangled with her idol, the joshi pioneer Aja Kong in the main event of the three-night JoshiMania extravaganza, a clip of which makes it onto this week's Podcast-A-Go-Go. Also featured is the amazingly fun Campeonatos des Parejas title bout between champions F.I.S.T. and challengers Atsushi Kotoge and Daisuke Harada from Small but Mighty in October.

For complete results of last weekend's double shot of CHIKARA shows, click here.

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