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Brodus Clay returns at house show in Los Angeles last night

I know, I know; it was just a house show. But it was also the return of Brodus Clay, who had himself a match with David Otunga. He even went over clean, according to various reports online.

An interesting thing to note, though, is that he only had one of his funkettes with him. That could mean nothing and, in fact, most likely does, but the very fact that Clay was taken off TV in the first place -- and the reasons apparently being as flimsy as they are -- leaves everything open to speculation.

Nonetheless, The Funkasaurus from Planet Funk who is funky is back. Hopefully to stay. And hopefully this also means we'll see him on Raw this coming Monday night (Feb. 27, 2012), which features the return of The Rock to respond to John Cena's big promo from last week.

We will, of course, have our usual live blog coverage, and we expect you funky Cagesiders in full force. And if Clay doesn't show up, we riot. Sound good?

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