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Shawn Michaels turning heel for Triple H vs Undertaker program leading to WrestleMania 28?

We know we're going to get a match between Triple H and Undertaker at WrestleMania 28 on April 1 in Miami, Florida. This was established on last Monday night's (Feb. 20) episode of WWE Raw, where it was also revealed the two would have a Hell in a Cell match.

But there are still five episodes of Raw until then. Which means, quite obviously, they're going to have to figure out a way to fill the time between now and 'Mania.

Enter Shawn Michaels.

Triple H and Undertaker are both scheduled to appear at each show from here on out but "The Heartbreak Kid" is also going to be involved in some capacity. It was originally reported by the Wrestling Observer that Michaels was all but a lock to be the special guest referee in the match, and that's still a possibility. But beyond that we only know the angle they've been using so far, which is the fact that "The Deadman" got "The Game" to accept the match simply by bringing up the fact that he knows he's not as good as "your buddy Shawn."

WWE decided to further the angle by posting a kayfabe phone interview on its website in which they ask Michaels about the situation and ask him if Triple H will, in fact, be better than he is if he's able to end the streak. The response was decidedly irate, as the article title suggests, and somewhat teases a heel turn.

Here's a snip from the interview after Michaels lost his cool over said question (and he was awesome during the entire thing):

"At the end of the day, you know what, my career is going to stand on its own. Where I stand in the eyes of everybody is the absolute best in-ring performer that has ever lived. Okay, so get that through your thick skull and try to understand this is about Undertaker and Triple H. And again, no matter how much I show up, do your absolute best -- me, I've got no choice, see? I've got no choice. I just show up and the spotlight goes on me. I can't help it. It's a curse. But I want you to, at the very least, try to do your best to keep your eye on the prize and that is the streak, Triple H and whether he beats that streak. When WrestleMania is said and done you can make your assessment. But until then, I suggest you shut your pie hole and leave me alone to live my retired life. Got it?"

When listening to it, Michaels went heel for a minute there. Sign of things to come?

There's still a large segment of the fanbase who don't enjoy the fact that a match between Triple H and Undertaker has so much to do with Michaels but this is really the best way to get HBK involved and if he is the special guest referee, tease the fact that we simply won't know which way he'll go with it. It would add an entirely new layer to the proceedings that simply won't be there otherwise.

And, really, they have to come up with some way to make us believe in some form or another that 'Taker's streak will be broken. At this point, it's still widely accepted that he won't lose at WrestleMania and if that's the case than the match is already somewhat of a failure because the outcome always needs to be in doubt. That's part of how they've backed themselves into a corner with this entire mess with Triple H not wanting to hurt the business by defeating him (which also makes his intentions without the match somewhat cloudy, right?), but the involvement of Michaels could smooth out a few of the rough edges.

Not to mention make marks like myself really happy to see the best who ever did it back in some capacity.

Anyone think we're headed for something special at WrestleMania? Or is there a better way they could be doing this thing? If one of you Cagesiders has a better idea, let's hear it.

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