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TNA news: Jesse Sorensen speaks out for the first time since Against All Odds injury

Jesse Sorensen Tweet
Jesse Sorensen Tweet

In the opening match of TNA's Against All Odds pay-per-view (PPV), Zema Ion took on Jesse Sorensen in a number one contender's match for Austin Aries' X-Division title.

It promised to be a hot opener but minutes into the bout, Ion came off the turnbuckle and awkwardly crashed into Sorensen on the outside. The collision caused a C1 vertebrae fracture with spinal cord edema, a type of swelling which could lead to further complications.

That was back on Feb. 12. Since then, information has been trickling out little by little. Luckily all the news has been positive. It was first reported Sorensen's entire body was numb but he soon regained minimal feeling and movement. Later, Kurt Angle tweeted he visited the young athlete and was happy to report Sorensen was moving his arms and legs. Angle also said the doctors were predicting a one year recovery.

Well, we finally heard from the man himself.

The tweet shown above was sent earlier this morning and while we don't have a confirmation on his condition or recovery, it is a promising sign that Sorensen will make a full recovery.

We're pulling for you here at Cageside, kid. Can't wait to see you get back inside the ring.

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