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Cageside Quote: Anonymous WWE wrestler buries The Rock

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A couple of days ago I reported that many WWE wrestlers were sure to have loved John Cena's worked shoot promo on The Rock on last Monday's Raw, as they resent his fleeting presence on WWE programming, thinking that he should do much more to deserve the main event spot at WrestleMania 28 than only bothering to turn up when his busy movie schedule permits to cut a few promos. Only a star of Randy Orton's or CM Punk's magnitude could get away with uttering such opinions publicly, but it didn't stop one particularly disgruntled WWE performer from allowing his Rock rage to be published for the world to see under the condition of anonymity by our friend Mike Johnson of that spyware pro wrestling site:

"[Dwayne Johnson] comes in to use WWE to get back the audience he lost doing Disney movies, which is fine but he's been back over a year and name one person he helped make a bigger star since then? No one. He's here for himself, he keeps to himself, and he keeps someone who's actually touring here all year from making a bigger payday at the bigger shows. It's all about making this the "biggest" Mania of all time. OK, then what do we do the rest of the year? Who's been made? You think he took ANY blame for Survivor [Series] not drawing? Of course not, but how do you feud with a guy on the Titantron? Cena nailed the guy dead on tonight. Say anything about HHH, Taker, etc. still being in the top spot but if they were needed to work the road, they would and they would still work their asses off as much as they needed to. Rock is out for Rock and the idea he's here to better anything but his own wallet is the biggest work of 2012."

I think it's worth pointing out that WWE's revenue in 2011 was only slightly up from 2010 due to the overwhelming success of WrestleMania 27. Take Rock out of the equation and a mediocre financial year for WWE would have become a bad one, something that will likely hold true this year too. Also, it's far too soon to complain about The Rock failing to make anyone when he's only had one match back so far and him putting over The Miz or R-Truth at Survivor Series 2011 would have been a really tone deaf booking move. If anything, WWE's creative team booking them to look like weak opponents and John Cena happily going along with it did more damage to them than anything Rock did. Moreover, which new stars have Triple H or The Undertaker made in the last three years with many more opportunities to have done so? I suppose the lesson here is don't let the facts get in the way of a good rant.

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