E-Wrestling for Cagesiders: Wednesday Night Revival (Feb. 22, 2012)


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This is Dannie Ray, new head of creative for Revival Pro Wrestling and Chief operating officer.

You might ask what is Revival Pro Wrestling (refered to as RPW from now on).

RPW is a group of cagesiders who have joined forces to create their own brand of wrestling entertainment, everyone has made and developed unique characters that face each other weekly for RPW supremacy.

RPW is drama, RPW is comedy, RPW is passion and RPW is wrestling but most importantly RPW is fun.

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Last week on WNR:

DUCKY: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following match is scheduled for one fall with no time limit and it's for the vacant RPW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!

The crowd cheers and Ducky continues!

DUCKY: Introducing first, from London England, weighing in at 260 lbs, 18.6 stone. IAN JONES!!!!

The crowd boos wildly as Jones raises his arms in the air and signals for a belt on his waist.

DUCKY: And his opponent, from INGLEWOOD, CALIFORNIA! Weighing in at 200 lbs, JOHN "THE BRAND" BRANDENBURG!!!

The crowd explodes in cheers as Brand points his fingers to the sky, the referee raises the big gold belt into the air and the bell rings to signify the start of this match.

Highlight of the match show, Brand with a spinning heel kick, baseball slide by Brand sends Jones into the barricade, Jones reverses Brand into the steel steps, Jones with a belly to belly, Jones with a spinebuster, Enzugiri by brand, BLACK KNIGHT's BRAND connects! SIGNATURE BRAND ON JONES, JONES IS GOING OUT!, Dominic Golden rushes, Brand releases the hold and puts the Signature Brand on Golden.

The Brand is now free to get back to the task at hand but just as he turns around he falls right into a recovered Ian Jones and a fierce kick to the midsection! Brand is doubled over; Jones starts setting up for The Punisher, his finishing maneuver! HE CONNECTS! VERTEBREAKER on BRAND! The Crowd Boos wildly! Jones hooks the leg and gets a very, very, very, near fall.


The crowd is still on their feet, Jones squeezes, Brand refuses to fall to his own maneuver, he struggles, Brand posts up with his legs and uses his weight to put Jones off balance, Brand presses Jones's shoulders on the mat, the referee is forced to count a pin


Both men look exhausted, both are still on the mat and the ref has to count them! They don't get up until nine.

Brand uses the ropes to get up and finds himself face to face with Damien Wolfe who extends and raises his hands before jumping off the apron, Brand is surprised but he turns around to continue the match, PUNISHER BY IAN JONES!!!!

Massive boos shower the arena as Brand crashes hard into the mat courtesy of Jones's vertebreaker, this is the second time he suffers it this match and he looks to be out, Jones is tired as well and struggles to make the cover, he slowly crawls and throws his arm over and the ref counts all the way to three.

"Guns of Brixton" by the Clash plays but is drowned out by boos!! Even Ducky's voice is hard to hear.

DUCKY: .....Winner.........conte.................NEW!!!.............eight Champion!!! .............. ONES!!!




Saosin's "Voices"

Opening music

John "The Brand" Brandenburg stretches his students at the Black Knight Gym while barely breaking a sweat. Sketchy Dan is in a dive bar chatting up a girl much younger than him. He spies the camera and offers the cameraman a PBR. Len "'Ard" Knox takes a pint from a bartender and smiles big into the camera. Mr. Nice Guy jumps rope in an empty gym, ever-present smile on his face.

I miss the part, when weee were moving foooorward now

Malcolm Valenzuela and Gary Grapplin are in front of an RPW-logo bus. They cross their arms and flash a big smile, Ryan Mercy pats them in the back.

(Onnn our way dooown)

Ian Jones bashes away at a punching bag in a dimly lit room, laughing maniacally.

But maaaaaybe someday I'll be something moooore than loooove

A cameraman approaches Magenta Moon, but she is too busy looking at herself in a handheld mirror to notice. Leanna "Sunshine" Moringside greets a camera with a wave and a smile.

Just know I'll never tell

Brett Bannion is at a bar. He grins and lifts a shot as a toast.

And when you're on your way down,

Kirk Cobain is in his room, legs crossed on his bed. He looks up to meet the camera's gaze.

and you're waiting for your body's reentry agaaain

Landon Jackson stands in front of the penitentiary that just recently held him prisoner, he turns around and gets on an RPW bus.

We speeeeak in diff-reeent voiceees!

Damien Wolfe and Mr. Nice Guy stand back to back with arms crossed in front of the white and red English flag. Jafaar al-Sultan rings the opening bell on Wall Street, then stares into the camera with a smirk.

When fighting with the ones we've loved!

Aron Scythe and his wife are seen in a park, holding hands.

We speeeeak in diff-reeent voiceees!

.San Diego Martin stands arms crossed with El Omega 23 towering behind him.

Why can't we say what we're thinking oooof?

Ian Jones hits Brandenburg with The Punisher and pins him 1, 2, 3. He raises the RPW Heavyweight title in the air, ending the transmission!

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++CAMERA CUTS INTO A WIDE SHOT OF THE ARENA++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

The scene opens inside the arena where the fans are eager to this live RPW event! The crowd cheers wildly as fireworks erupt around the stage area and put up their signs for the camera to see as it pans around the building to catch the throng of RPW fans in attendance.






++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++CAMERA CUTS INTO THE ANNOUNCE TABLE++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

The shot centers on Harold Murphy sitting on his announce table, eager to start the show.

MURPHY: Good evening everyone and welcome to this week's edition of WNR, this one is going to be special as we will witness the first ever Elimination Blitz Challenge where the winner will become the chosen one that will represent all of RPW against the monster Abernathy at the end of the world. Also making this show special is the absence of Dominic Golden who has been indefinitely suspended for his actions on last week's main event, his temporary replacement for tonight will be none other than Diego San Martin.

The camera switches to a wider shot showing Diego San Martin sitting alongside Murphy.

SAN MARTIN: Buenas noches, permítanme darle la bienvenida a todos nuestros fanáticos hispanoparlantes, es un honor mi traerles esta transmisión del Revival de Miércoles por la noche y espero muy pronto podamos traerles la transmisión en español por SAP.

MURPHY: Whoa, what was that all about?

SAN MARTIN: Paying homage to my Latin roots Murphy, how are you doing tonight?

MURPHY: I'm pumped up Don Diego; this is shaping up to be one hell of a card. If the Elimination Blitz wasn't enough, Hakai Dragon is gonna be in action defending his title against the hard hitting brawler Leonard Knox.

SAN MARTIN: The Iron Dragon might be working double duty; early polls indicate him as one of the favorites to win the Elimination Blitz challenge. Personally I think him and my client El Omega 23 are gonna be the final two.

MURPHY: Do you know who are the ten man to participate in the challenge, the entries have been very secretive.

SAN MARTIN: I know El Omega is in and he will be entering at number 7, not bad huh?

MURPHY: Nope, but he's gonna have a hard task not only against Dragon like you predict, but John Brandenburg is another man that can cause a lot of damage. Also we know who's not gonna be on the match, Landon Jackson after his car accident.

SAN MARTIN: Jackson didn't even deserve to be in the match to begin with, I rather have hungry up and comer like Aron Scythe on it, plu

MURPHY: Point taken, but enough with us talking, Folks last week we had Mr Nice Guy brutalizing Hakai Dragon, Ian Jones became the first ever RPW Heavyweight champion, Damien Wolfe and Mr Nice Guy celebrating Jones title win, and then later all three men were seen leaving the arena together, what's going on here? Hopefully we're about to get some answers.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++CAMERA CUTS INTO THE TOP OF THE RAMP++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

[A military marching drum beat picks up in the arena and the crowd turns to look at the entrance stage. Ten men dressed in the red and black uniforms of the Queen's guard emerge on the stage carrying rifles. They procede down the ramp and stand five each side, forming a guard of honour. 'A song' starts playing through the arena and the crowd rise to their feet in anticipation of who they are about to see. That anticipation quickly turns to a chorus of boos as Ian Jones emerges through the curtain with the title belt over his shoulder. He is flanked by Mr Nice Guy and Damien Wolfe, all three men are wearing navy blue military jackets. Wolfe and MNG are carrying Union Jack flags.]

MURPHY: Here comes the champion Ian Jones with Mr Nice Guy and Damien Wolfe, not a popular group of people to say the least, listen to this crowd!

[The camera pans to the crowd, fans are holding up signs, "BRANDENBURG GOT SCREWED", "BRITS GO HOME".]

[The three men walk proudly through the guard of honour towards the ring. Ian Jones climbs the ring steps and slowly gets into the ring. Mr Nice Guy and Damien Wolfe climb onto the apron and through the ropes. The ring canvas is covered with a red carpet. MNG approaches the top left corner of the ring from the cameras perspective and places his Union Jack flag there. Wolfe does the same in the opposite corner, the crowd are visibly upset at these actions.]

MURPHY: Come on, these guys have no respect!

[Wolfe reaches through the ropes and is handed a microphone. He goes back to the centre of the ring and stands at the end of the line, shoulder to shoulder with his compatriots. Mr Nice Guy on the left, Jones in the middle and Wolfe on the right.]

WOLFE: Ladies and gentlemen, please could you all be upstanding for the national anthem.

[The three men places their right hands on their hearts as the British national anthem 'God Save The Queen' starts playing through the arena. Violent boos rain down on the ring from the Florida crowd and security struggle to hold back a group of fans who try to jump over the barrier to get at the three men. The anthem finishes and the booing gets louder and louder, Murphy has to shout to make himself heard.]

MURPHY: This is blatant provocative behaviour! They can't come into our country and play their national anthem, we don't have to take that!

SAN MARTIN: Geez Murphy Chill, do you want me to sing you the Chilean National Anthem?

[Wolfe glares into the crowd and Mr Nice Guy looks up into the rafters of the sold out arena, soaking in the boos of the crowd. Wolfe passes the microphone to Ian Jones.]

JONES: Let us announce ourselves - we are THE BRITISH EMPIRE.

[Jones pauses as the boos become louder and echo throughout the arena.]

JONES: Here's a history lesson. The kingdom of Britain once reigned supreme on the world. They said the sun would never set on the British Empire because of its vastness. We ruled all. We owned you. That's right all of you. Well it might not be something to brag about...the fact that that is no longer the case sickens us. It sickens us to our very core. This, this right here, it's a f***ing mess. Guys running around with fancy phones, dogs and oil merchants throwing their money around. This is not professional wrestling, this is a disgrace...

Thankfully we're here to change all of that. We're not going to repeat the mistakes of our forefathers though. This time you have no control, you have no sense of independence. This is ours now and we can do whatever the hell we please. We're the best damn wrestlers here, we're the toughest b*stards here and our collective intelligence outweighs the whole roster's...tenfold.

We are the monarchy you never had.

[Jones turns and passes the microphone to Mr Nice Guy. The crowd jeer, remembering his brutal assault of Hakai Dragon the previous week.]

MNG: I could have taken the Iron Man title but I just didn't feel like it, everyone knew I had your number before the bell rang Hakai Dragon. I did, Damien Wolfe did and Ian Jones most definitely knew I had the beating of you in a match which is why he asked me to do what I did. Those of you who had doubts about whether I could hang with the Dragon can see for themselves what I did to the undefeated Ironman champion of RPW. Now most of you watching would have thought, why on earth would Mr. Nice Guy pass up such a great opportunity, well the reason is.......I can afford to. Us Brits wanted to send out a clear message to all of you. Like I have always said I am a nice guy but the Dragon got a tiny glimpse of my mean streak. I have talent in abundance and I know I will get another shot on my terms. In fact, how about you put the title on the line at The End of the World against me in my hometown of London, England. After all where is the honour in being laid out with blood pouring from your head and having three men come to help you.

[MNG smirks]

MNG: If you grant me this match I promise you that I will take that title from you and in the process show your adoring fans that the Iron Dragon has a severe iron deficiency.

[MNG smiles and passes the microphone to Damien Wolfe. The crowd picks up a chant of "BRANDENBURG! BRANDENBURG! BRANDENBURG!", Wolfe grins and raises the microphone to his mouth.]

WOLFE: You keep chanting his name, it wont change the fact that this...

[Wolfe taps the RPW Heavyweight championship belt that is over Ian Jones shoulder.]

WOLFE: ...this belongs to us, The British Empire. We are here to rule RPW and we are here to do it on our own terms. Mr. Nice Guy has made his terms clear Dragon, give him a title shot in his hometown, try and gain back some of your honour . Of course only if those good for nothings on RPW management ever solve their problems and manage to book a show in London like they promised..

[Wolfe laughs with MNG and Jones.]

WOLFE: And my terms? Well my terms are pretty simple. Commissioner Dobbs, you want me to compete in the Elimination Blitz, so I can have the pleasure of fighting the big bad monster Abernathy on your behalf? Why would that be in my interests? You screwed me Dobbs, you screwed me when you allowed John Brandenburg to keep using that [CENSORED] choke! You screwed me when your executive committee deemed the hold legal! So why should I help you? What have I got to gain?

[A grin creeps across Wolfe's face.]

WOLFE: We come to my terms. Commissioner Dobbs, I will compete tonight in the Elimination Blitz on one condition... you give me a re-match with John Brandenburg at a time, place and stipulation of my choosing.

MURPHY: That's quite the request!

WOLFE: And Brandenburg, don't think for one second I'm going to allow you to be the one to face Abernathy and be our "hero", tonight I will show the world who the true best technical wrestler alive is. Ten men will enter, nine men will fall, I will go to the End of The World and make Abernathy tap. Once I'm done saving RPW I'm coming for you Brandenburg, I'm coming for you all guns blazing. Tonight is phase one of my vengeance. Prepare yourself.

[The crowd boos as Damien Wolfe passes the microphone back to Ian Jones, Jones tries to speak but he's bluntly cut off by Comissioner Dobbs who has made his way to the top of the ramp.]

DOBBS: That's interesting Mr. Wolfe, first you insult us and then you expect us to comply with your every request? That's not happening boy, not tonight and not ever. Let me break the news for you, you are not the big shot you think you are, you are not selling me merchandise, you are definitely not selling me tickets, all you have done is to injure Kirk Cobain...who unlike you, he has quite a following. So let me tell you what's going to happen, you and Mr. Nice Guy are gonna participate in the Elimination Blitz Challenge and you are gonna try your hardest, it's time to prove your worth to me because otherwise I might just send the British Empire packing overseas.

[The crowd pops huge for Dobbs putting the empire on his place, the members of the empire pace inside the ring taking to each other in disbelief]

SAN MARTIN: Whoa, looks like Commish Dobbs is taking lessons from a certain Diego San Martin on how to run a wrestling company.

DOBBS: Oh and one last thing! We are all going to see which number you two are entering at, big screen please.

[A ten numbered roulette appears in the screen]

DOBBS: Damien Wolfe, you'll be entering number?

[The roulette starts spinning quickly, progressively slowing down and landing in number 5]

DOBBS: Number five for Mr. Wolfe, what about MNG, ROLL AGAIN!!

[The roulette once again starts spinning, this time it slows down all the way to number 6]

DOBBS: It is settled then! Now get out of my ring!

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++CAMERA CUTS INTO THE LOCKER ROOM++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Just like last week, we can see Malcolm Valenzuela, Ryan Mercy, Gary Grapplin, Aiden O'Neill and Flying Slappsman, seemingly arguing


MERCY: So where were you guys last week? We said we were gonna make an impact, and we did when we stopped MNG from hurting the RPW Iron Man Champion. Slapps and O'Neill, you were missing in action.

VALENZUELA: Agreed, I thought you had our backs.

O'NEILL: Look guys, I can't speak for Slappy here, but I was on the bathroom when everything happened, do you want impact? Ill give you impact this week.

SLAPPSMAN: Trust me; you don't wanna know what I was doing.

Everyone else gives Slappsman a look of disgust as we cut into our next segment.

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++CAMERA CUTS INTO THE COMMISIONERS OFFICE++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

[We fade into the office of Jack Dobbs where the commissioner is seated, a bingo style tumbler placed on his desk. Aron Scythe walks in wearing a gray "Scott Pilgrim Vs the World" T-shirt, glasses, and his wrestling tights. His is accompanied by Tomoe Nagata Ami who is clad in a red blouse and a green skirt.]

SCYTHE: Look boss I know we don't always see eye-to-eye... and I'm still not sure why you chose to wager the fate of the company....

AMI: Or why you had to hire "Abalony" in the first place...

SCYTHE: Honey...

DOBBS: Aron, as you might have noticed I'm having a rough night, having to keep the British Empire in check is gonna be no joke, so if you please hurry up.

[Aron winces for a split second awkwardly pausing before continuing to address his boss.]

SCYTHE: My point is Mr. Dobbs, you know I like to entertain in the ring and that I my wife and I like to goof around backstage but... When I was one of the first guys to ask for the shot at Abernathy I was completely serious. If I win the shot I'm going to give it all for RPW... and it doesn't matter what number you draw for me. Tonight... I'm ready to run the gauntlet.

DOBBS: Well, that's exactly the right attitude, focus on the prize instead of trying to make outlandish demands like Damien Wolfe, let's us spin your fate.

[The camera zooms in on the tumbler as Jack Dobbs gives it a spin. Numbered balls bouncing all around for a few seconds before the wheel comes to a stop.]

AMI: Good luck honey...

[Aron smirks for a moment as he reaches in and pulls out a ball not bothering to look at it.]

SCYTHE: I don't need luck Tomoe I've got this...

AMI: NANI?! Aron that's...

[Tomoe's eyes go as wide as dinner plates, her jaw dropping for a second as Aron slowly turns around looking at the ball. He shrugs for a moment flashing a subtle bemused smirk.]

SCYTHE: Well... I think this is going to be an interesting night.

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++CAMERA CUTS INTO THE ANNOUNCE TABLE++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

SAN MARTIN: I wonder what number did Scythe draw, we already know it's not 5, 6 or 7.

MURPHY: Exactly, with Wolfe, MNG and El Omega 23 coming in those places respectively. Maybe we will have more information about it later tonight but now it's time for a match I've been really looking forward to.

SAN MARTIN: I agree, RPW Ironman Champion Hakai Dragon defends his title against hard hitting Brit Leonard Knox, Knox has promised to strike gold, will he deliver on that promise?

MURPHY: I know you don't think he stands much of a chance against Dragon, but Knox is more that capable of doing some damage.

SAN MARTIN: What really intrigues me is how the British Empire plays into all of this, I'm sure they'd like to have another champion on their stable.

MURPHY: I don't think Knox has any intention of aligning himself with those ruffians.

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++CAMERA CUTS INTO THE RING+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

"Tubthumping" by Chumbawumba plays as Leonard Knox strides to the ring. He looks grim and purposeful but poses from the crowd once in the ring.

MURPHY: He's on an impressive run of form, Leonard Knox, but is he good enough for our champion, Hakai Dragon? I think he is.

"Oasis" by Janne Da Arc plays as Hakai Dragon steps into a blue spotlight, turns to face the crowd and raises his championship belt.

MURPHY: This crowd is as loud as it ever is!

SAN MARTIN: You are right, this is insane.

MURPHY: Both these wrestlers are fan favorites, but who will enjoy their adulation at the end?

Hakai Dragon steps into the ring. Ducky walks forward.

DUCKY: Laaaaadies and Gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall, with no time limit, and is for the RPW Iiiiiiironman Championship! Introducing first, the challenger: he hails from Bradford, England and weighed in this morning at 270 pounds - Len "Ard" KNOX!

Leonard hoists a fist up for the crowd.

DUCKY: Aaand introducing, from Sendai, Japan, weighing in at 221 pounds, your IRONMAN CHAMPION: Hakaaaaai DRAGON!

Hakai Dragon raises the belt again before passing it to the referee.

SAN MARTIN: I wonder if we'll have any guest appearances tonight...

MURPHY: I really hope that's not the case.

The bell rings and a lock up is formed in the middle of the ring, the lock up is merely a formality as Leonard Knox is clearly the bigger and stronger man and he pushes Dragon all the way into a corner where he plants him with a knee the the gut a club to the back and a right hand to the head. The ref separates Knox from the corner but he comes back with a kick to the midsection and another right hand to the temple.

MURPHY: A lot of aggression from Knox early on, this man is determined to get this title.

Knox drags Hakai to the middle of the ring by the head and gives him a club to the back so powerful that it sends the champion to his knees, Knox grounds him with a side headlock and both men struggle for supremacy, the crowd rallies behind Dragon who slowly but surely makes it to his feet, the crowd cheers and Hakai pushes Knox off him and into the ropes, the 270 lbs Bradford native bounces back with a shoulder tackle that once again floors Dragon.

SAN MARTIN: This is exactly what i wanted to see of Knox, don't leave Dragon any space, control the pace of this match. This is the only chance Knox has of making this match competitive.

Knox has gone bounce off the ropes, Hakai gets flat on the mat and Knox jumps over him, Hakai quickly gets up and leaps over Knox on the rebound, Knox yet again bounces and this time he gets hit with a jumping elbow courtesy of the champion.

MURPHY: And the Dragon appears.

Both men quickly gets back to their feet and Knox quickly dumps Hakai over the top rope, he turns around for a breather but doesn't notice that Hakai has held on to the ropes and landed on the apron, he turns around just it time to be on the recieving end of a springboard dropkick. Hakai and the crowd are fired up and rightfully so but the follow up cover only nets one.

SAN MARTIN: Had Dragon went straight into the cover it would probably been a lot closer.

Hakai Dragon knows he needs to keep his momentum rolling and he whips Knox to the ropes, he gets reversed into the ropes instead and Knox recieves him with a huge lariat, the crowd wows at the impact, Knox drops for the cover with dreams of gold.




Knox bangs his hand on the mat, but quickly gets back in the match, he delivers a series of forearm jabs to the head of the Dragon, a hard chop is followed by a scoop slam and Hakai is once again sent to the mat.

MURPHY: After an early scare, Knox is back in control of this match up.

Stomps to the body of the fallen champion are not doing Knox any favors with the pro Hakai crowd, Knox doesn't care though as he only has one goal in mind, the prestigious RPW Ironman Championship, Knox forces Dragon to his feet and whips him to the ropes, he goes for another lariat on the rebound but Hakai knew what was coming and he ducks under it, the champion jumps into the second rope and springboards with a crossbody block.

SAN MARTIN: Good reversal, but look at Knox!!

Knox has caught Hakai Dragon on mid air stopping him dead on his tracks, a faint smile shows on his face before he throws Dragon down with a fall away slam, he slides into a cover and hooks the leg.




MURPHY: Knox might have just hooked the wrong leg, he could've have it.

SAN MARTIN: I think you need more than that to put away the Dragon.

Knox picks Dragon up and plants him with a body slam, elbow drop follows a closely and a pin only nets 2. Dragon is lifted back to his feet and back down with a swinging neckbreaker, another pin for 2. Knox is getting noticeably frustrated, he picks up Dragon and peppers him with forearm jabs from the left arm, he sets up for a big right hand but Hakai blocks and starts unleashing, one, two, three punches to Knox, irish whip into the ropes is reversed, Dragon bounces off the ropes and into a sleeper, Knox has a sleeper hold locked in on the champion who's arms flail in the air wildly.

MURPHY: Interest predicament.

SAN MARTIN: Dragon is just too experienced to lose to such a simple move.

The words by San Martin end up being prophetic as the crowd doesn't even have time to rally behind Dragon before he's found a reversal with a snapmare of sorts, Dragon follows up with dropkick to the back of the seated Knox but a follow-up pin doesn't even get one. Both men are back to his feet and Dragon strikes with a European uppercut, he follows it up with a superkick but Knox ducks and runs under it, the big man bounces of the ropes and returns with a big boot. Dragon faceplants and Knox's ready to take it home, he grabs on to Dragon's neck and sets him up between his legs setting up for his elevated powerbomb he calls the dart.

MURPHY: This is the move Knox has been using to finish matches as of late.

SAN MARTIN: Now this is what I'd call an interest predicament.

Knox lifts dragon all the way up to his shoulders, he is going for extra elevation but before he can do so he's swiftly caught in a hurricanrana.





The referee raises two fingers in the air and the match continues on, Dragon and the crowd cannot believe how close it was. Knox tries to rally himself up but he's kinda dizzy, Dragon on the other hand takes full advantage of his sec ond wind and starts chaining strikes on Knox, a flurry of kicks and punches is capped with a beautiful enzugiri and then a shot with the title, TITLE BELT TO THE HEAD? IAN JONES SMASHES THE GOLD ON HAKAI DRAGON THE REF CALLS FOR THE BELL!!!


SAN MARTIN: You got to be kidding me, coming from the crowd to interfere in a fine title match? Show some class and respect Mr.Jones.

Mr. Nice Guy and Damien Wolfe rush down the ramp as stomps on the fallen champion, Wolfe slides into the ring and join the vicious beatdown while Mr. Nice Guy guards the fort from outside the ring. Nice Guy's presence becomes critical as JOHN BRANDENBURG comes out to make the save, Nice Guy is forced to intercept him mid way on the ramp.

MURPHY: The Brand coming out to even the odds!

Wolfe and Jones keep on brutalizing Hakai Dragon but suddenly Leonard Knox takes the both down with a double clothesline getting cheers from the crowd Jones gets up first and eats a spinebuster, Wolfe gets up second and gets a spinebuster too, Knox is fired up and cleaning house but suddenly Ronnie Reynolds ambushes him from behind with a chair and assaults him. The camera shifts to the ramp where Brand is in control of Mr. Nice Guy and flings him over the barricade and into the crowd. He rushes into the ring and spears Reynolds down to avoid further carnage, Jones and Wolfe team up on Brandenburg as Knox and Hakai Dragon lay on the ground senseless. Camera shits to the top of the ramp where we see Malcolm Valenzuela, Ryan Mercy and Gary Grapplin rushing down the ring, they start attacking the brits trying to give Brand room to recover but Grapplin eats a spinebuster from Jones for his trouble.

SAN MARTIN: I know a lot is happening right now but I can't fail to notice that Gary Grapplin has a serious tendency of getting on the wrong end of just about everything.


Aiden O'Neill rolls into the ring with a Kendo Stick in hand and cracks Mercy over the head with it, Hakai Dragon and Leonard Knox have at some point rolled out of the ring as they cannot be seen in camera.

Damien Wolfe sends Gary Grapplin flying over the top rope and outside of the ring; Malcolm Valenzuela tries to rush Wolfe but meets the same fate and ends up crashing on top of Gary. On the other side of the ring Brandenburg dumps Reynolds out of the ring, Aiden O'Neil goes to crack Mercy again with the Kendo Stick but this time Mercy sidesteps him kicks him to the gut and delivers a thunderous Tiger Bomb. O'Neil rolls out of the ring to avoid further punishment and Mercy is on fire, he starts unleashing on Damien Wolfe and lifts him up for a stalling vertical suplex, after 5 seconds he drops him to the mat.

MURPHY: Mercy dominating!

The Slappsman just appears running and he springboards on the ropes and comes back with a front flip dropkick that sends Mercy to the ropes, a discus clothesline sends both Mercy and Slappsman out of the ring.

SAN MARTIN: Spoke too early.

Brandenburg and Jones are exchanging blows and have been for a while but Brandenburg is getting the best of the Heavyweight Champion, Brand doubles him over with a kick to the mid section and lands a DDT, Signature Brand!!! Jones is tapping, Jones taps but this is not a match, lucky for him Wolfe bails him out with a couple of stomps that break the hold, Jones rolls out of the ring. As Wolfe locks a rear waistlock on Brandenburg and delivers a sound German Suplex, Wolfe doesn't release and he chains 3 German suplexes together. A rather dizzy John Brandenburg is thrown over the top rope by Damien Wolfe who suddenly sees himself as the lone man in the ring.

MURPHY: Wolfe is the last man standing in this brawl; could this be a foreshadowing of our main event?

SAN MARTIN: You know who my picks are, but will Hakai Dragon and Leonard Knox even be able to take part on the Elimination Blitz after the vicious assaults they sustained at the hands of the empire and Ronnie Reynolds respectively?

Wolfe has gotten himself a microphone and he takes a deep breath before he starts talking.

WOLFE: Here I am, the last man standing on this ring. I just dumped Brandenburg and I'm ready to do so again Later tonight, I will win the Elimination Blitz Challenge Dobbs, and when I do you will have no choice but to comply with my demands.

DOBBS: Oh Damien, being the last man standing in an impromptu brawl that wasn't even supposed to happen is very different than winning the Elimination Blitz Challenge, IF you win the Elimination Blitz, and that's a big IF, then we can talk, now I have something more important to address, I'm sick and tired of all this brawls and assaults disrupting the flow of my show. Some of you have this thirst for Violence that it's just getting out of control and I've decided that rather to let it run rampant all over the place, I'm gonna contain it in one division, one championship that will be contested under minimal rules. The first RPW No Limits champion will be crowned at the End of the World, and it will be inside of a Steel Cage match.

The crowd reacts fiercely to Dobbs announcement.

DOBBS: Also, Valenzuela, Mercy, O'Neill and Slapps, you say you wanna make an impact, how about guys are on a tag team match tonight, and whoever wins it for their team will get a shot at the Ironman Title next week on WNR.

After these final words, the commissioner just turns around and disappears through the curtain.


+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++COMMERCIAL-BREAK INTO THE RING+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

We are back on air and Leanna MorningSide is already going one on one with Jafaar Al-Sultan.

SAN MARTIN: This match has been underway for a while and its been a very even affair, let's see how it develops now that we are finally on air, I hate commercial breaks don't you Murph?

MURPHY: Who doesn't?

SAN MARTIN: Advertisers probably.

Both wrestlers are in the middle of the ring trading shots and Sultan ducks under a clothesline attempt, taking the back of Leanna lifting her up before throwing her abdomen first on the canvas, Leanna quickly sits out and reverses with an arm wringer, Sultan counters back to a wringer of his own and Leanna grabs on to the rope for an assisted backflip that frees her of the move, Jafaar immediately kicks her on the midsection and gets a double knuckle lock into a monkey flip, the knuckle lock stays locked with both men with their backs on the mat, Jafaar rolls backwards and both are back to their feet, this time Leanna just jumps all the way up to Sultan's shoulders and rolls him over with a sunset flip for 2 count.

MURPHY: High paced, high flying action thus far.

Leanna goes for an Irish whip, she gets reversed and goes to the ropes instead, Sultan leapfrogs over her, Leanna comes back with a baseball slide on the rebound but Sultan catches her and immediately delivers a Release German so strong that Leanna backflips all the way over and lands front first to the mat. The Agony on her face is apparent as she steadly tries to work her way back up, Sultan always the gentleman helps her up WITH A VERTICAL SUPLEX FOR A COUNT OF 2!

SAN MARTIN: Things don't look well for Leanna here; she might be biting a bit more than she can chew with Sultan here.

Sultan is in full control and he whips Leanna into a corner, she crashes hard and eats a running shoulder thrust too, a couple of stomps to the midsection accompany the attack and Sultan decides to set her up in the top rope, he goes for a big over hand to the seated Leanna but she uses her legs to block it, Leanna pushes Sultan off of her and stands on the top rope.

MURPHY: Leanna is gonna fly.

A big crossbody block comes off the top rope by Leanna but she's caught mid way with a picture perfect dropkick to the mid section, Leanna is down on the mat in pain where as Sultan climbs to the same corner and he has a million dollar smile on his face.

SAN MARTIN: Sultan is gonna fly.

Leanna regains her vertical base and she sees Sultan flying at him from the top rope, flying cutter by Sultan, the Asp Strike! Leanna looks out and Sultan goes for the pin.




DUCKY: And the winner and still undefeated on RPW! JAFAAR AL-SULTAN!!!

Sultan's music hits and he celebrates in the middle of the ring as the crowd boos him.

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++CAMERA CUTS TO THE ANNOUNCE TABLE+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

A furious and banged up Hakai Dragon storms into the Commissioner's office to find him talking to none other than the RPW Heavyweight Champion Ian Jones.

DRAGON: YOU!!! What is this guy doing in your office?

DOBBS: Calm down Dragon and don't do anything you are going to regret later, I think I know what you want and that's what me and Jones were talking about.

DRAGON: You better be talking about me getting my revenge on him for everything he has put me through ever since I started on RPW, I want him on the ring and I want his title.

DOBBS: The title....that's exactly where the problem starts; first of all you do have to defend your ironman championship at End of the World and well as Ian Jones pointed out earlier you don't exactly have too much momentum coming into the PPV, your last two victories have been via DQ and Leonard Knox was dominating your match just now, I'd be hard pressed to grant you the title shot over other wrestlers, John Brandenburg is really deserving of a rematch and I think some others have valid cases too.

JONES: Look, "Dragon" you don't really deserve to face me for the belt but I am aware that the fans want to see it. Well, I'd love to beat you down again and prove that your hollow victory in the first week was unjust. I'm the champion; I'm at the top, so we fight on my terms.

DRAGON: I'm listening....

JONES: I'd defend my title against you at the end of the world if and only if you defend your Ironman title match in an special match of my choice, against wrestlers of my choice.

DRAGON: What do you have in mind?

JONES: Hmm..What about a gauntlet match my friend? You face three separate wrestlers of my choosing with your belt on the line each in the time. Then, if you can still walk after that, you'll face me the REAL champion in the REAL main event at The End of the World. How does that taste?

The intensity on Dragon's face is unmatched as he stares deep into Jones eyes with relentless anger

DRAGON: Dobbs hand me the contracts, NOW!

DOBBS: Are you sure? Those are pretty harsh terms.

DRAGON: BRING...ME....THE CONTRACTS! I'm willing to go through anything to get to Jones, you send your best man to me Ian, I'll dispatch them one after the other, and after I'm done with them, I'm going after you and you will regret ever giving me this chance.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++CAMERA CUTS TO THE RING++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

DUCKY:                            Ladies and Gentlemen, our next bout is a tag team match set for one fall. First, from Mexico City, Mexico and weighing in at two-hundred fifty pounds... Malcolm, the Escape Artist, Valenzuela!
 - Machine Gun Blues - Social Distortion - 
Malcolm VALENZUELA bursts through the curtain and onto the ramp to clapping and cheering from the audience, and makes his way down to the ring slapping hands as he goes before slipping under the ropes and into the centre of the ring, shadow-boxing for show.
DUCKY:                            His tag team partner, the Beantown Bruiser, the Boston Bengal, standing six feet four inches, weighing in at two-hundred and sixty five pounds... Ryan! Mercy!
 - The Gauntlet - Dropkick Murphys - 
Ryan MERCY comes in on the end of VALENUZELA's pop and keeps the crowd going by rolling his fists in the air. As he reaches the steel stairs he shrugs off his jacket and joins his partner in the ring.
MURPHY:                        Valenzuela and Mercy seem to be on the same page lately, I can't wait to see how they work together as a tag team.
SAN MARTIN:                  They will probably do ok...
DUCKY:                            And their opponents... 
 - Indian War Signs - Super Evil - 
DUCKY:                            From Reading in the United Kingdom...
The boos of the crowd are barely discernable under the music coming out from the P.A.
DUCKY:                            ... at a weight of two hundred and eight pounds, the Flying Slappsman!
MURPHY:                        arghh, the Slappsman...that man disgusts me and you probably know why...
SAN MARTIN:                  I do, El Omega 23 already defeated him once and that's all i care to know about Slappsman's life.
Strolling casually to the ring, the Flying SLAPPSMAN looks utterly unperturbed. From his expression, you'd think that the jeering and booing from the crowd was just a tape recording. Hands on his hips, he stands at the ring entrance and waits for his tag team partner to arrive.
DUCKY:                            And his partner in our tag team match, also from Boston, Massachusetts, standing six feet tall and weighing one hundred ninety pounds, the Born Winner, Aiden O'NEIL!
 - The Pub - The Tossers - 
SAN MARTIN:                  A couple of weeks back O'Neill cost himself and Mercy a tag team match when he decided to turn on him.
MURPHY:                        Tonight they are in opposite sides but the stakes very high as whoever gets the pin or submission on this match will get a Iron Man Title opportunity.
SAN MARTIN:                  Who will capitalize on this chance? Let's find out.                     
The bell rings twice to signal the start of the match, and Ryan MERCY faces off against Aiden O'NEIL. Both men close quickly and go to work with equal quickness, trading blows before O'NEIL slips past a big right-hand from MERCY and drops him to the ground with a smart single-leg takedown followed up with a knee to MERCY's outstretched arm, O'Neil puts pressure on the arm with the knee while bending the arm, Mercy fights back up and goes for a back suplex, O'Neill backflips out of it and tags in Slappsman who comes flying with a springboard clothesline that Mercy rolls under, Mercy lands a big boot that floors the Ex-Circusman.
MURPHY:                        Some much for flying around.
Mercy whips Slappsman into the corner and follows up with a clothesline, tag to Valenzuela who kicks Slapps in the gut for good measure, he snapmares him out of the corner and goes for the rear chinlock, wilds fist fly from Slappsman who flails his arms randomly trying to catch Valenzuela, Valenzuela is not tagged and he drives a knee into the high flyer's back. Valenzuela lifts him up and hits an atomic drop and then a backbreaker for a one count!
SAN MARTIN:                  Valenzuela with the early pin attempt and I don't know if you noticed but both O'Neill and Mercy were ready to go break out this pin.
MURPHY:                        Ironman title shot at stake here.
Valenzuela whips Slappsman to his corner and O'Neill immediately makes the blind tag, Valenzuela his a running dropkick on Slappsman who rolls out of the ring, but as he looks to slingshot himself to the outside over Slappsman he's caught unaware by O'Neill with an Enzugiri, Valenzuela staggers and gets kicked in the gut and through a double underhook backbreaker, the pin follows.



Mercy breaks it!

SAN MARTIN:                  Mercy making sure he's still got an opportunity to earn a title shot.

The referee escorts Mercy outside of the ring and O'Neill steps on Valenzuela's throat illegally while the ref's back is turned away, plenty of boos ensue. O'Neill picks up Valenzuela and hits another double underhook backbreaker for some more boos, he picks up Valenzuela and gives him a 3 punch combination, 2 right jabs and a left hook to the body. Valenzuela winces in pain and tumbles to his corner, O'Neill charges from behind and grabs him on a ¾ facelock, he jumps into the corner stepping on Mercy's chest to aid himself in a backflip, Mercy is thrown outside the ring while O'Neill connects Valenzuela with Shiranui.


Aiden O'Neill goes for the pin again.




DUCKY:                            And the winner of this match and number one contender to the Iron Man Championship, AIDEEEEEEEEEEEN OOOOOOOOO'NEILLLLL!!!!
SAN MARTIN:                  Where in the world is the Flying Slappsman??
The Production Crew answers Don Diego by switching the shot to the crowd where a sheep shaped and colored sing reads "SLAPPEY U LIKEY?", the camera then shows The Flying Slappsman making his way through the crowd.
MURPHY:                        Geez, what's wrong with that guy....
The camera shifts back to the ring where Aiden O'Neill sees his arms raised on victory, he celebrates to mild boos from the crowd.
SAN MARTIN:                  I Don't know nor care but Aiden O'Neill is gonna be the next man to be defeated by Hakai Dragon.
MURPHY:                        You sound certain.
SAN MARTIN:                  I am.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++CAMERA CUTS TO THE COMMISIONER'S OFFICE++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

[The crowd cheers as John Brandenburg enters Dobbs office.]

BRANDENBURG: Boss, you wanted to see me?

DOBBS: Yes John, you need to draw your number for the Elimination Blitz Challenge.

BRANDENBURG: Well, I am here, what are we waiting for.

DOBBS: Before we roll let me wish you good luck, you would be an excellent representative for RPW at end of the world, I have absolute faith that you can defeat Abernathy if you come up victorious.

BRANDENBURG: If you are so sure I can beat the monster, why didn't you just choose me to be in the match from the beginning??

DOBBS: Half of the roster already thinks I've screwed them over, I needed to give everyone a fair chance for once. You can pull this off John, we saved The Brand, it's time for you to save our world.

BRANDENBURG: Don't worry boss, I'll teach everyone how to tap, now let's roll!

[The camera zooms in on the tumbler as Jack Dobbs gives it a spin. Numbered balls bouncing all around for a few seconds before the wheel comes to a stop, John Brandenburg grabs the ball and looks at it]

DOBBS: Well, what did you get?

BRANDENBURG: I think you will be pleased, see for yourself.

[Brandenburg throws the ball at Dobbs and smiles before exiting the room]


+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++COMMERCIAL-BREAK INTO ANNOUNCE TABLE+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

SAN MARTIN: We are back from our last commercial break of the evening and this is the match we've all been waiting for.

MURPHY: the elimination blitz challenge to determine who will go on to face Abernathy at the end of the world

Referees start to come down to the ramp, at least 5 of them.

DUCKY: The Following match is the 10-man Elimination Blitz challenge, 4 men will start in the ring and every three minutes a new challenger will enter the match-up, wrestlers can be eliminated via Pinfall, Submission, Countout, Disqualification or being thrown over the top rope with both their feet hitting the floor.

"Pegasus Fantasy" by Make.UP cues up

DUCKY: Now headed to the ring our first participant: From New Rochelle, New York and weighing in at 220 pound... accompanied to the ring by Tomoe Nagata Ami..........ARROOOOOOOON SCYYYYYYYYYYYTHHHHEEE!!!!


A plume of white pyro goes off near the entrance ramp while as Aron Scythe appears standing on the entrance ramp, flashing a subtle smile and waving to the camera! His wife - the lovely Tomoe Ami is standing by his side in an green jacket, white blouse and short, black skirt. As his music blares over the speaker system as he poses wearing his "Scott Pilgrim T-shirt," white wrestling tights and a gray jacket with a logo from a past wrestling federation on its back. He slowly makes his way to the ring looking a little more serious than usual as if contemplating his strategy. A decisively nervous shiver shows in Tomoe's step as she walks around.

MURPHY: This is why Scythe said this was gonna be an interesting night.

SAN MARTIN: He really wanted to win, and if his chances were slim before they are next to inexistent now, he said he was ready to run the gauntlet and looks like he will have to try.

Aron gives a slight smile and slaps a high-five with a couple of fans at ringside before climbing into the ring. He goes straight to the lower-right hand corner pausing for a moment as if trying to plan a strategy before the match starts.

.Some of the referees advert Tomoe of the dangers of this match, she waves goodbye at Aron Scythe as a referee escorts her back to the ringside area.

Cold Heart Bitch is next, as a Magenta Moon strolls to the ring with a pretty noticeable bandage on the back of her head from the broken IPhone Sketchy Dan threw at her.

MURPHY: Is Magenta Moon really in shape to compete?? I don't think so.

Slayer's Mandatory Suicide blasts over the speakers and out number 3 entrant, Brett "The Chief" Bannion comes out from the curtain with a filled shot glass on each hand, he chugs them both in and gives the glasses to some of the fans in attendance.

SAN MARTIN: What a drunk, I don't like this guy.

MURPHY: I'm assuming you don't like Sketchy Dan either.

SAN MARTIN: I hate Sketchy Dan.

Bannion finishes his walk down the ramp before sliding into the ring just in time for.

Back in Black,

"Ravishing" Ronnie Reynolds makes his entrance now to round out the first 4 participants, he looks confident as he makes his way down the ramp, he climbs over the steel steps and jumps over the ropes and into the ring, where he takes the last empty corner.

SAN MARTIN: All four of the first entrants are now in the ring and this is about to get underway, I'm excited Murph, I really am.

MURPHY: and I don't understand Reynolds's confidence, he is coming off a loss after all.

The bell rings and the action is underway, Scythe locks up with Sullivan as Magenta Moon and Brett Bannion do the same, Ronnie Reynolds powers Scythe into a corner but Scythe quickly reverses and scores with some knife-edge chops and a dropkick. Magenta on the other side of the ring has managed to secure a hammerlock on Bannion who struggles to get out of it., Bannion manages to get out of the hold and whips Magenta into the corner opposite to the one where Aron Scythe works over Reynolds with kicks to the midsection, Magenta crashes back first into the corner and receives a clothesline courtesy of Bannion, Scythe whips Sullivan into both Bannion and Magenta and runs to the corner hitting all of his three piled up opponents with a running dropkick, Scythe kips up back to his feet and the crowd rallies behind him.

SAN MARTIN: Scythe with control of the match early on.

Scythe with an overhead belly to belly suplex on Reynolds, another one on Bannion, he goes for the hat-trick on Moon but the fierce girl counters with a headbutt, Magenta quickly springs into the second ropes and jumps back for a DDT but Aron Scythe catches her mid air and dumps her out of the ring, Magenta Moon barely hangs on to the ropes and lands on the apron, but a follow up roundhouse kick to the head sends her crashing outside.

DUCKY: Magenta Moon has been eliminated.

MURPHY: Mrs. Moon is eliminated and Aron Scythe draws first blood, still 9 men on the running for the right to be the main event at END OF THE WORLD.

Bannion and Reynolds are trading blows inside of the ring and Reynolds seems to be getting an advantage but Scythe grabs a hold of him a throws him to the mat with a German Suplex, Reynolds shoulders are on the mat and Scythe bridges.


SAN MARTIN: Remember, wrestlers can be eliminated from the Blitz via Pinfall, Submission, DQ, Countout and being thrown outside of the ring over the top rope, you have to be ready for everything.

Scythe gets back to his feet and falls right into a headlock by Bannion, who follows up with a punch to the top of his head. Bannion releases the hold to catch an incoming Reynolds with a clothesline, it connects and Reynolds falls to the mat. Bannion eats a hard leg kick from Aron Scythe who shoots with a single leg, he grabs a hold of the same left leg he kicked and connects with a leg drag, Scythe continues to work the left leg of Bannion with stomps to it but Ronnie Reynolds sends him to the match with a well placed dropkick to the head.

MURPHY: You can't let your guard down in this type of match!

Bannion works his way up to his feet buts it's immediately Knee-Clipped by Reynolds, Scythe immediately gets to Reynolds and whips him into a corner, he rushes in but Reynolds side steps him, Scythe manages to jump into the corner and bounce back with a sort of superman punch on a surprised Reynolds who hits the mat and quickly rolls under the bottom rope and to the outside of the ring, a referee quickly picks up on this and starts counting him out. Back in the ring Bannion tries to whip Scythe into the ropes but gets reversed, Bannion bounces of the ropes and gets caught in a rolling half crab in his left leg, the crowd cheers as Scythe puts pressure on the hold.





DUCKY: Brett Bannion has been eliminated.

Ronnie Reynolds has already entered the ring and immediately gives Scythe a bulldog, he picks Scythe up but immediately gets arm dragged down, Reynolds regains his footing and eats a series of chops that back him into a corner, then suddenly as Scythe works him over a countdown begins on the big screen. The crowd counts along with it:

MURPHY: We're about to have our next entrant!





SAN MARTIN: It's number 5, which means Damien Wolfe.

Scythe sets up Reynolds sitting in the top turnbuckle ...6! he delivers more chops and joins Reynolds up top ...5! Scythe goes for the superplex...4! Reynold blocks and pushes Scythe back into the ring ...3! Scythe jumps into the ropes and springboard dropkicks Reynolds ...2! Reynolds falls to the outside of the ring but manages to hold on and land on the apron

...1! Reynolds rolls under the bottom rope and back to the ring.

MURPHY: Close call for Reynolds.

The striking chords of ‘Black Tongue' by Mastodon fill the arena and the crowds excitement quickly turns to disgust as Damien Wolfe emerges through the curtain. Wolfe is wearing new ring attire, red tights with black knee pads and Union Jack boots.

MURPHY: Here comes the self proclaimed greatest technical wrestler in the world Damien Wolfe, listen to the reaction of the crowd! Surely we're not going to have to sit through the British national anthem again?!

Wolfe surveys the action in the ring and walks methodically down the aisle. A fan is gesticulating wildly at Wolfe, who in return shoves his middle finger in the fans face.

MURPHY: God dammit! These British wrestlers have no respect, these American fans are paying their wages!

Damien slides into the ring and Scythe is waiting for him, both men immediately lock up in the middle of the ring, no man is giving an inch as both show to be evenly matched, Damien secures the early advantage with a hammerlock but an immediate reversal with a hammerlock of his own puts Scythe back on top, Damien struggles a couple of seconds before spinning out of it and throwing down Scythe with an arm drag, Scythe immediately gets back up and catches a rushing in Wolfe with an arm drag of his own, both men get back up and get in a collar an elbow lock up.

SAN MARTIN: This two are matching each other hold for hold here.

Reynolds appears and clobbers both of them sending them back to the mat, he quickly picks up Scythe and tries to throw him over the top rope but Scythe easily grabs to the ropes and lands on the apron, Reynolds rushes him and eats a hard roundhouse kick to the head for his trouble he staggers back to the middle of the ring where Damien Wolfe gets him with a power slam, Damien turns around to catch a springboard dropkick from Scythe.

Scythe quickly goes to pick up Damien but he's countered into a small package instead, Scythe's shoulders are down for the count.



KICKOUT by Scythe!

Wolfe sees that Reynolds is recovering and he doesn't want to give him room to do so, Wolfe hits a beautiful snap suplex on Reynolds before setting his sight back on Aron Scythe and grounding him with a front headlock. Scythe struggles to get back to his feet and the crowd rallies behind him, "Let's go Aron". Aron manages to find his footing but the front headlock is still in place and Wolfe manages to turn it into a swinging neckbreaker. The crowd boos loudly as Damien raises his hand in the air, he picks up Scythe and goes to dump him over the top rope!

SAN MARTIN: Is this the end of the Ride for Scythe?

NO! he survives as the top rope turns out to be Aron's savior, Damien rushes looking to finish the job but eats a shoulder thrust to the midsection that comes thought the ropes, Reynolds tries to take advantage and gets Wolfe on a rear waistlock, Wolfe wit ha go-behind and the motions are reversed. Scythe jumps over the two men with a sunset flip on Wolfe whose momentum sends Reynolds crashing with a huge German; Wolfe's shoulders are down as Scythe tries to eliminate him.




MURPHY: Close call for Wolfe, let's not forget that both Wolfe and Scythe have stated their intentions of winning this match and their reasons are well known.

Ronnie Reynolds is now crawling towards the ropes trying to catch a breather, Scythe looks around the ring, targets him and rushes him forward, Reynolds somehow manages to sidestep him and open the ropes sending Scythe crashing to the outside, the referees go to check on Scythe on the outside and signal that since he went through the middle rope and not over the top rope, he's still on this match. Regardless, they start counting him out.


Reynolds continues his crawl and reaches a corner where he gets a hold of the turnbuckles...2! Damien Wolfe appears from behind and clubs him hard on the back ...3! Wolfe grabs Reynolds on a back suplex position but sits him on the top rope instead ...4! As Scythe continues to be counted out Wolfe climbs over to the corner and hooks a rear waistlock....5! Scythe is crawling towards the ring and reaches over the apron ...6! Wolfe sends Reynolds on a ride with a huge avalanche German ....7! Scythe finally rolls back into the ring to stop his count out and he lies under the top rope as Damien hooks the leg on Reynolds for a pin.




DUCKY: Ronnie Reynolds has been eliminated.

A countdown begins on the big screen and a huge grin appears on Damien's face, he knows who's coming and he likes it, The crowd counts along with it the countdown as Aron Scythe makes it back into his feet, an expression of worry can be seen on his face, Wolfe rushes him and both start to brawl as the countdown hits 0 and Never Gonna Get it plays. Mr. Nice Guy rushes down to the ring to plenty of boos as both Scythe and Wolfe trade chops in the ring, Scythe suddenly hits a hard leg kick on Wolfe before dropping to the mat and rolling under the bottom rope and out of the ring.

MURPHY: What is Scythe doing?

SAN MARTIN: Strategy Murph, would you want to face 2 members of the British Empire by yourself for 5 minutes? Scythe needs to buy himself all the time that he can.

A Ref starts counting Scythe out ....1!


Nice Guy gets into the ring and immediately goes near the ropes ...3! He starts yelling at Scythe to get back in the ring, the referee is actively counting Aron Scythe out ...4! But MNG doesn't feel like waiting and climbs over the top rope ...5! MNG is about to jump down to the chase before he's stopped by Damien Wolfe who drags him back into the ring.


SAN MARTIN: MNG went over the top rope, he almost eliminated himself, but Wolfe saved him.

MURPHY: Oh you are right, but look at Scythe!

As Murphy is telling us, Scythe has something up his sleeve...6! He reaches into the ring and grabs Wolfe by the feet, dragging him out; he quickly clotheslines him against the apron ...7! And whips him into the steel steps before rolling back into the ring on an 8 count.

SAN MARTIN: I'm surprised how MNG who is usually a very intelligent competitor made such a mistake that cost Wolfe dearly, it shows how high the stakes are on this match up and maybe that Dobbs managed to get on his head.

MNG and Scythe are now the ones locking up in the middle of the ring, the wear and tear in Scythe is evident as MNG easily overpowers him all the way into the ropes where he immediately starts putting him over the rope, Scythe is still very much in this match and he clubs Nice Guy in the back enough times to set himself free, Nice Guy staggers backs and ducks under Scythe's clothesline and kicks him on the gut, MNG goes for a vertical suplex but Scythe goes up and over and lands safely behind Nice Guy quickly grabbing a hold of him and sending him crashing through the ropes, the crowd cheers with enthusiasm as a different ref starts counting MNG out.

MURPHY: Sound strategy by Scythe, he's really planning on running the gauntlet here.

Aron spots Damien Wolfe entering the ring and breaking his count at 9, Wolfe uses the turnbuckles to rest but is faced with a charging Aron Scythe, Wolfe rolls out of the way of a jumping Scythe and the Japan loving American ends up hanging outside down in the corner.

SAN MARTIN: This is not good for Scythe's aspirations.

A flurry of stomps is delivered to Aron's midsection as he desperately tries to escape the predicament; a referee scolds Wolfe and backs him away giving Scythe enough time to free himself from the corner, but not enough to regain his vertical base as Wolfe is back on the attack with forearm shots to the back, BACK SUPLEX BY WOLFE! Wolfe picks up the pieces and delivers a quick inverted atomic drop followed by a double leg takedown and a kick to the upper thigh of Scythe, Wolfe keeps holding on to both legs of the now prone Scythe and starts setting for the sharpshooter in the middle of the ring.

MURPHY: Is this the end of Scythe's dreams?

Wolfe crosses the legs but as he's doing Scythe explodes turning around and throwing his hips forward, Wolfe loses balance and sees himself caught in a deep knee bar, he screams in agony and looks for the ropes but they are nowhere to be found, he tries to spin out of it but Scythe spins with him, Aron realizes this has put Wolfe closer to the ropes and he takes the adequate measures to prevent it from happening again, still Wolfe sees the ropes nearby and tries to Drag himself into them.




SAN MARTIN: Scythe almost pulls a fast one on Wolfe!

Nice Guy drops to the mat and is not nice at all to Scythe who becomes the victims of so many mounted punches that the referee has to pull MNG of him and threaten a DQ, Wolfe works hard to get up and limps into a corner to get some rest.

Scythe is having problems getting back to his feet and only makes it to his knees before Nice Guy plants him with a DDT and goes for the pin.




Another "Let's go Aron" chant starts to gain traction in the arena as MNG drags Scythe back to his feet, Nice Guy hits a picture perfect Russian leg sweep and starts climbing into the corner, MNG has his back to the ring and he extends his arms to the sides for equilibrium before launching himself in a crisp moonsault, he connects with Aron Scythe....or Rather ARON SCYTHE.'S KNEES! Nice Guy holds his ribs in pain as the crowd explodes in cheers; Scythe gets a second wind and tries to capitalize on the opening but Damien Wolfe just steamrolls him with a clothesline which is the cue for some more boos from the crowd.

MURPHY: Aron Scythe is gonna have a hard time building any type of momentum against those two

Wolfe picks Scythe up and backs him into the ropes, he delivers some kicks to the midsection before grabbing hold of a single leg and trying to use it to dump his opponent over the top rope, Scythe fights him off but Wolfe is not giving up on this, MNG enters the fray and grabs the other leg both men are trying their hardest to eliminate Aron Scythe to the point where they have him almost parallel with the top rope, Scythe somehow manages to wrap his legs around Wolfe's neck and drops back for a head scissors takedown, MNG spots it in time and drops to the mat grabbing a hold of Wolfe's legs avoiding him from getting out of the ring and ultimately avoiding his elimination, Wolfe doesn't even have time to thank his partner as Scythe has found footing in the apron and the roundhouse kick he likes so much comes through the ropes and connects both of the brits at the same time. The British Empire members tumble back and Scythe jumps into the top rope and springboards with a crossbody.

SAN MARTIN: Nice Hang time!

Aron Scythe is caught mid air by the brits who look at each other and military press him, they walk over to the edge of the ring, showered in boos, and finally throw him over the top rope to his elimination............or so they thought as Scythe manages to slip out at the last second and lands behind the two surprised brits who turn around into the receiving end of a double clothesline to the outside of the ring, they land on the apron and both men grab a hold of Scythe's neck, THEY ARE TRYING TO SUPLEX HIM OUT OF THE RING.

MURPHY: This could be nasty.

The Struggle in the edge of the ring is great as Scythe tries to grab a hold of the ropes to avoid going out but Nice Guy and Wolfe keep breaking his grip, The Empire is making some progress but as they manage to lift Scythe, they realize that their crafty opponent has triangled his legs on the middle rope, Wolfe's had enough and puts him in a Figure Four Leg Lock right on the ropes, the referee interferes to break the action and counts ...1!....2!....3!....4!....Wolfe breaks the hold and the british empire members go back to the ring, suddenly the lights dim and a countdown appears a top the screen, the camera swiftly shifts into the announce table and shot of a clearly amped up Diego San Martin.

SAN MARTIN: You know what this means Murph, the End of all Hope for all of these competitors is coming, I can't wait.

MURPHY: Is gonna be hard for you to remain unbiased from now on, huh?

SAN MARTIN: I don't think I can be worse than Golden.

MURPHY: Point taken.

The Camera shifts back to the ring and the crowd is counting along as The British Empire Readies itself for battle:


Nightwish - The End of all Hope plays on the arena with white pyro shooting along with it. El Omega 23 emerges from the curtains to a mixed reaction from the crowd, he's wearing his usual feline lucha mask and black and white Fight Shorts, the strongly built south American walks calmly down the ramp as MNG and Wolfe are getting impatient, Omega sprints the last couple of feet and slides to the ring where he's met with an immediate flurry of strikes by the the brits, Omega staggers back for a second but fights back with a knee to the midsection of Wolfe and another one to Nice Guy, MNG is thrown shoulder first into the corner. Wolfe comes rushing but gets met with a boot to the abdomen, a gut buster and a lariat. Scythe has almost gotten to his feet but Omega has him scouted and locks him up with a double chicken wing from where he transitions into delivering A VICIOUS TIGER SUPLEX!!!! Into a Pin!!

SAN MARTIN: Goodbye Scythe!




And Aron Scythe lives to fight another day, Nice Guy tries to catch his breath in the corner but eats a running splash courtesy of the Masked Omega, Omega is on fire and he drags Wolfe to his feet before locking a front face lock, he transitions into a vertical suplex lift but drops Wolfe gut first on the ropes instead, Omega bounces off the ropes for momentum and lands a huge flying knee to the head of the hanging Wolfe who crashes to the mat inside the ring. El Omega paces to the middle of the ring and gives Scythe a Inverted Atomic Drop, again he goes for the ropes and on the rebound he nearly beheads Scythe with a Big Boot. Mr.Nice Guy tries to rush in but he's met with a Spinebuster from hell and all three of Omega's opponents are down as he's in complete control of the match up, Scythe and Nice Guy are conveniently close so Omega goes to Wolfe and drags him to the other two before dropping to the mat and pinning all three of them at the same time?

MURPHY: Can he really eliminate all three of them?



2, 5.....



El Omega Rises back to his feet and seems to having a hard time deciding who to go after, Scythe makes his decision easier by rolling under the bottom rope and catching a breather to the outside, Omega decides to help both members of the empire to their feet just to plant them both down with a double vertical suplex.

MURPHY: MY GOD, the strength of this man.

Wolfe tries to rush back to his feet to surprise Omega, but he's caught midway with a Sidewalk Slam, the Countout on Scythe is at three when Omega decides to shift his focus to Nice Guy, he whips him into the ropes...4! MNG bounces back and ducks under a clothesline before launching himself through the ropes in a suicide dive that scores on an unsuspecting Aron Scythe the crowd cheers for the action as this match is getting crazy.

SAN MARTIN: How good is this match Murph, even MNG who's usually hated by the crowd is getting some love.

A Different ref starts to count MNG out, but is doesn't lead to much as the Nice Guy is steadily making his way back to the ring, Back in the ring Omega has Wolfe in an abdominal stretch, Mr Nice Guy comes in heavy with a punch that sends Omega tumbling into the ropes, he paces back but gets caught with a double Flap Jack by Wolfe and MNG, both stack over him for the cover.



SAN MARTIN: HA! Nice try boys!

Scythe barely makes it back to the ring on a count of 9 and he ambushes Scythe backing him with strikes into a corner, Nice Guy gets an irish whip on Omega reversed and the Brit is is sent into the ropes, on the rebound he's caught on the throat with Omega's two hands who lifting high in the air before spinning 180 and planting him down with a sit out choke bomb, into a pin!




Back in the corner Scythe is putting a beating on Wolfe, who's just covering up. Wolfe suddenly explodes and shoves Scythe off the corner, Scythe goes flying back but returns with a dropkick that is blocked by Wolfe, who immediately puts Scythe in a sharpshooter, fully locking it in less than a second.


The camera shifts back to the other side of the ring where El Omega is hoisting Mr. Nice Guy up in a torture rack, he pushes him off and brings him down hard with an elevated cutter, Nice Guy seems to be out!




Wolfe breaks the pin attempt!!!

MURPHY: and Damien Wolfe gives up his submission attempt to save MNG, what a partner.

SAN MARTIN: Damn! Well, actually it is pretty smart...they only chance the brits have of winning this match is for them to keep saving each other while Omega eliminates everyone else, turning the match into a handicap match in the end.

A Countdown starts in the big screen as the Omega takes the fight to Wolfe; he whips him into the corner and gives him the jumping splash before going balls out with body punches and kicks, the ref interferes and Omega starts arguing with him oblivious to the crowd who's counting down.

MURPHY: Number 8, I wonder who he is.


No music pops this time as a tall masked man wearing a black trenchcoat rushes down the ramp, El Omega shoves the ref aside and now tries to get Wolfe over the corner and out of the ring, the mystery man goes straight to Omega completely blindsiding him and throwing him over the top rope and to the outside.


MURPHY: Landon Jackson's got us all fooled

DUCKY: EL OMEGA 23 has been eliminated

A lot of boos for the Mysterious man who gets out of his trenchcoat to reveal Diego's "RESPECT THE TIE" T-Shirt, he then unmasks to reveal his identity to the worlds, he's none other than Landon Jackson, the camera switches to the announce table where DSM is going bananas!


MURPHY: Calm down Don Diego, you cannot speak like that on television.


Landon goes over to the edge of the ring nearest to the announce table and starts taunting Diego San Martin, which further infuriates him. Scythe pops from behind and tries to dump him outside of the ring but Landon holds on to the ropes for dear life.


A properly timed back elbow from Landon sets him free and he body slams Scythe Hard, he rushes over and clotheslines both Nice Guy and Wolfe, Scythe gets up but meets mat again after a hard right to the temple. Landon plants Nice Guy hard with a DDT, and gets up to put Scythe in a Full Nelson. Scythe takes advantage of it and starts kicking him hard on the gut.

MURPHY: Aron Scythe was the number one entrant and he's still on this match with only two more wrestlers to go, do you think he can win it?

SAN MARTIN: I don't know and I don't care Murphy, all I care about is that Landon Jackson screwed me out of an awesome opportunity, he's gonna get it coming.

Wolfe goes down with a full nelson slam and Landon puts the full nelson on Nice Guy this time, Scythe has more kicks to deliver and Nice Guy feels them hard, full nelson slam on Nice Guy too and now it's Jackson feeling the hard kicking power of Scythe on the mid section, Scythe aims high with a roundhouse but Jackson ducks and hooks on a sleeper hold that sends Scythe into desperation mode. Both members of the British Empire take corners and rest while they let Jackson work, Scythe is struggling to get out of the move, flapping his arms around, he tries to get Jackson's arm off him but it's no use, he then starts walking towards the ropes but Jackson notices and stops him dead on his tracks, taking him down to the ground. Scythe is determined not to tap and he starts crawling towards the ropes with all of Jackson's weight on him.






Jackson waits for a 4 count before he releases the hold, the referee reprimends him as he stands up, but even before he can reply The British Empire appears from behind and throws him over the top rope and out, the Camera switches to the announce table where DSM is jumping in joy.

A countdown starts yet again and it takes the full attention of The British Empire, the crowd counts along

...10! ....9! .....8!

SAN MARTIN: Numero Nueve, Number nine incoming, who will it be?


MURPHY: We Know that Hakai Dragon is not on this match and neither is Knox.


SAN MARTIN: We can probably rule out Grapplin, Valenzuela, Mercy, Slappsman and O'Neill.


Metallica - Blackened

The lights dim and smoke comes up from the ramp near the entrance. The fans recognize the tune of Metallica and immediately begin cheering as they know who should be coming next.


From the rising mist, the Brand walks out from the curtains, head down. As the music continues, he puts a fist to the air.


The guitar riff drops from the intro and the Brand throws his fist in front of him and lets out a primal roar. The crowd responds with cheers in kind as the Brand makes his way sternly down to the ring. He enters the ring and goes to a turnbuckle, ignoring his surroundings. He climbs the turnbuckle and raises the fist again, letting out another yell to the ecstatic crowd.

MURPHY: Incredible reception for The Brand!

Brandenburg sprints down the ramp his mind set on destroying the British empire while the crowd just chants "BRAND!" over and over again, he enters and immediately spears down Wolfe and starts punching a hole on his face to massive cheers, Nice Guy gets him off his partner but he eats a snapmare and a hard kick to the back, Brandenburg hooks on a inverted facelock on Nice Guy and lifts him up just to drop him with a backbreaker, Wolfe is back on his feet and Brandenburg is on him like glue and both men start brawling wildly all over the ring.

SAN MARTIN: A lot of hate between these two and they are just putting the punishment on each other.

Scythe tries to sneak a pin on Nice Guy but only gets one. Brandenburg lands a nice double out of nowhere and starts to deliver more mounted punches on Wolfe, Wolfe sweeps him and starts attacking with punches of his own, both men keep reversing positions and they end up rolling under the bottom rope and to the outside.

Back in the ring Nice Guy lands a hard knee that bounces Scythe over, Nice Guy gets momentum off a rope bounce and delivers a bulldog, pinning combination only nets two so Mr.Nice Guy decides to pull out the big guns and starts setting up for the Front Flip Piledriver getting the crowd to react, he only gets himself back body dropped though, camera shifts to the outside where Wolfe is trying to slam Brand's face to the steps, Brand hits the breaks and smashes Wolfe into the steps for good measure, he rolls him to the ring and follows suit before they are both counted out.

MURPHY: Brand might really hate Wolfe but he's not losing track of the prize at hand.

Brandenburg is looking to set up something on Wolfe but we will never know what it was as Wolfe takes the cheap way out with an eye rake. The Brawl starts again but this time Wolfe is in control and backs Brand into a corner, in less interesting action Nice Guy and Scythe are struggling for position in a collar and elbow tie-up, camera back to the corner where the ref has to pull Wolfe away from Brandenburg who rolls to the outside of the ring to catch his breath, Wolfe follows him and a ref has to start counting for them as they trade hard shots.

SAN MARTIN: Someone's gonna end up getting hurt.

Camera shifts back on the ring where Nice Guy has control of the situation, he plants hard right hands followed by a kick to the abdomen and a swinging neckbreaker, not happy with the offense he picks him up and delivers a Brainbuster to Scythe who might as well be out. Nice Guy has a crystal clear pinning opportunity but right on the other side of the ring he see's Brandenburg plant Wolfe hard with a DDT, Signature Brand fully locked in and the crowd going wild, Nice Guy doesn't even think twice about it and jumps to make the save. Brandenburg is furious and he backs MNG hard into a corner where he delivers several shoulder thrusts to the brit's mid section.

MURPHY: Don't mess with The Brand!

Brandenburg lifts up MNG and seats him on the top rope, Wolfe appears from behind and lifts Brand on this shoulders, everything happened so fast but one thing is clear. A Doomsday Device connected on Brand, the crowd boos wildly as Wolfe yells instructions to Nice Guy and these two are taken some time, MNG finally climbs up to the top rope again, Wolfe holds Brand down and makes sure he stays on place but as Nice Guy is gonna take off Scythe appears and charges in with a front dropkick on Wolfe, Nice Guy jumps in with a 450 splash!!!

SAN MARTIN: He hits the mat hard! Brandenburg rolls out of the way.

Aron Scythe seizes the opportunity and lands his most devastating maneuver, a double underhook into a Michinoku Driver II, he goes for the pin while Brandenburg runs interference on Wolfe




DUCKY: Mr. Nice Guy has been eliminated.

MURPHY: Aron with the Scythe Driver cutting the Empire's forces in half, we are down to three men with one still to come and this is as exciting as it gets.

SAN MARTIN: A Crucial mistake by the Empire, taking way too long to capitalize on their advantage.

All three men left in the ring now circle, trying to gauge for an opening, they are cut off by the countdown as the last man in this match is about to make an entrance.

The Crowd counts down as all three men in the ring can't afford to take their eyes of one each other, just a simple mistake could spell the end for their main event aspirations.

The countdown reaches 0 and we are treated to. Half past You, the crowd goes crazy for a banged up KIRK COBAIN, he rushes down the ramp as fast as he can possibly can, considering all of his injuries, he's heavily bandaged and carrying a steel chair in hand.

MURPHY: Chairs are not legal on this match Don Diego!!

Cobain doesn't give a rat's ass about what's legal on the match and he immediately goes after a shocked Damien Wolfe who gets blasted over the head with Cobain's steel chair.

DUCKY: Due to Disqualification, Kirk Cobain has been eliminated.

A simple elimination is not enough to stop Cobain and he continues to swing his chair at the body of the prone Damien Wolfe, as Brandenburg and Scythe each are staring the action down from a corner, Cobain drops the chair and drags Wolfe out of the ring and all the way into the steel steps, Cobain has a demented smile on his face as he plants him down with a double arm DDT, the crowd is wild as the beaten down Cobain walks out to an ovation while the ref is forced to count Wolfe out, count goes all the way up to ten and Wolfe is nowhere near recovering from the brutal assault.

DUCKY: Due to a Countout, Damien Wolfe has been eliminated.

SAN MARTIN: I don't know what happened here, but we are down to Aron Scythe and John"The Brand" Brandenburg and what a ride this Elimination Blitz has been.

The crowd gets loud for the two competitors and this has essentially turned into a one on one match, mano a mano. Both men shake hands in the middle of the ring and we are on! Both men circle each other incessantly until boom, collar and elbow tie up, waistlock by Scythe, standing switch by Brand, Scythe reverses and goes for the hammerlock. Brand reverses into a hammerlock of his own, back the other way as Scythe gets the hammerlock back for a split second before falling victim to a drop toe hold by brand who spins over into a front chancery, Scythe sits out and gets the hammerlock yet again, this time on the mat.

MURPHY: Very nice technical exchanges.

Brand rolls through but Scythe keeps control with an arm wringer, Brand rolls through again and this time reverses into an arm wringer of his own. Scythe, despite all of the punishment he has endured someone has energy to reverse with a handstand assisted front flip, Scythe has the arm wringer again but switches it to a side headlock, he whips Brand to the ropes and he returns with a monkey flip but Scythe cartwheels out of it. Brand rushes in with a clothesline but Scythe ducks under it, Brand rebounds off the rope and comes back with a head scissors takedown. Scythe jumps right back to his feet and tumbles before charging Brandenburg who just takes him down with an arm drag and grounds him with an arm bar of sorts, Scythe finds his way out of but gets trapped on a side headlock, Scythe works hard and manages to regain footing, still caught in the headlock. He shoves Brandenburg off him and into a corner and he unleashes hard kicks on Brandenburg, John reverses position and starts firing with kicks off his own, he whips Scythe to the opposite corner who somehow flips forward, puts his back to the corner and slides into the apron, the crowd "whoas" to the impressive maneuver.

SAN MARTIN: He went over the top rope!! If Brandenburg can knock him off the apron, the match is over.

MURPHY: And we are the top of the hour, kicking into overrun, hope we get to see the finish

Brandenburg rushes over and tries to knock him off the Apron with a clothesline but Scythe side steps him, Aron fights back with a clothesline of his own which Brand ducks as he runs into the corner and comes back with a springboard dropkick, it is all over???


Scythe does the splits just in time to avoid the dropkick; he fires back with a roundhouse kick to the head of Brandenburg that connects and leaves him staring at the lights, Scythe climbs to the top and gets ready to put an exclamation point to this match, Moonsault!!! Brand moves out of the way!! Scythe lands on his feet, he charges in with a spinning wheel kick, Brand ducks under, Scythe gets up and becomes the victim of the Black Knight's Brand, Backstabber connects in full and Brand holds on to the chin lock...


SAN MARTIN: He's close to the ropes; I think he can make it.

"Alpha Brain" Diego San Martin is spot on as Scythe is already struggling to put his feet on the ropes.






There's nobody left sitting on this arena! Brand is in stalk mode, the crowd goes crazy as they see the Signature Brand incoming, Scythe makes it to his feet and turns around to receive a kick to the gut strong enough to knock the wind out of him and double him over, and Brandenburg locks the neck in, the action goes to the mat but it is Scythe with a small package.




3!! 3!! 3!!!

The Bell Rings!!!!

Pegasus Fantasy plays!


SAN MARTIN: Oh my god he pulled it off, Aron Scythe is gonna be RPW's savior!!

MURPHY: Be sure to tune in next week, we're out of time!

The camera gets a last shot of Aron Scythe with his hand raised while a perplexed Brandenburg stares from the mat as we go off the air.

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