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CM Punk talks shoot promos, WWE, Vince McMahon, Triple H, Chris Brown and more (Video)

This is a fascinating 20 minute sitdown interview with CM Punk courtesy of Peter Rosenberg in which they cover all topics from Punk's infamous shoot interview in June of last year to how things operate behind-the-scenes.

Among the points covered:

  • Punk reiterates that his shoot promo really was mostly a shoot and he was able to do it in the manner he did because he really was planning on leaving after Money in the Bank. "I was prepared to fight people," Punk said regarding how it would be received.
  • He admits he didn't want to come back as soon as he did in that storyline but SummerSlam needed a main event and fans just don't understand the demands of the job sometimes. There's more to it than just doing what seems to be best for any given storyline.
  • Punk repeatedly calls the WWE roster "thin" and says the writing is never set in stone and guys can change it how they want to but rarely do because they "don't want to rock the boat."
  • His relationship with Triple H has grown to the point that Punk picks his brain about matters pertaining to the business. He specifically brings up asking why Brodus Clay was taken off television for a couple weeks. He doesn't reveal what he was told, unfortunately.
  • A story is relayed of Punk, for the first time, going into Vince McMahon's office and telling him the finish of a particular match sucked and he thought it should be changed. This after he was on TV for around maybe three or four months.
  • Mark Henry comes up and Punk talks about how it's far more difficult to stay on top than it is to make it there.
  • Punk tells the story of the match with John Cena at Money in the Bank having not been planned in any capacity outside of the finish involving McMahon and John Laurinaitis. I found this rather interesting because if I remember correctly, that match had no less than four or five botches and this could be the reason why. They planned nothing and just went out and got after it for 45 minutes.

They also did an entirely separate segment for Hot 97 Radio that featured people calling in just to disagree with Punk on the issues he's been having on Twitter with Chris Brown. It's really something else. Check that video out after the jump.

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