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WWE says Shaquille O'Neal will not wrestle at WrestleMania 28

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WrestleMania 28, which is scheduled to go down on Sun., April 1, 2012, at Sun Life Stadium in Miami, Florida, has been shaping up quite nicely, with four matches official for the card that should all deliver the goods in one way or another.

Unfortunately, there's one match that was rumored/expected that likely won't be taking place now ... if we're to believe this report from, which states Shaquille O'Neal will not have a match at the biggest show of the year:

Despite Shaquille O'Neal's claim that he will compete at WrestleMania XXVIII in Miami, WWE officials have informed that the 15-time NBA All-Star is not scheduled to appear on the card.

The professional basketball legend made waves this past weekend when he reportedly told celebrity news site that he will wrestle on April 1.

Actually, he didn't say he would wrestle, he simply said he would be there. Which is essentially the same thing he's been saying for months now, even since he leaked word to a radio station that he was in negotiations with WWE to appear in some capacity.

Then it was reported on the few reputable pro wrestling sites that Shaq vs. Big Show was the plan for the celebrity match this year. Various rumors have flown since then, including Shaq and Show teaming up against a tag team consisting of whomever Show is feuding with at the time but all of that is unsubstantiated.

Of course, WWE's report could mean nothing at all and Shaq could still very well be planned to not only appear at WrestleMania, but have a match.

All we can do is stay tuned, Cagesiders.

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