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On this date in WWE history: Chris Masters debuts on RAW and breaks Steven Richards face

Too soon?

On February 21, 2005, Christopher Todd Mordetzky, known by his pro wrestling moniker of "Chris Masters," would make his World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) debut on Monday Night RAW.

The poor chap who would draw the short straw and get paired off against the green giant would be longtime mat veteran Steven Richards, who suffered a broken orbital bone when Masters botched a Polish Hammer.

That kind of thing can happen when you bounce off the ropes at full speed and have someone punch you directly in the face.

Anyway, "The Masterpiece" would get his submission hold finish and move on to bigger and greener things while Richards took a seat on the sidelines to heal his broken face.

He got an eventual rematch when he returned to action in May where Masters again prevailed, but it didn't matter by that point because Richards was gearing up for his run with the bWo (Blue World Order).

Masters bone-crunching debut, after the jump.


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