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WWE News: Make room on your DVD shelf, a three-disc CM Punk set is due out soon

Photo by David Banks/Getty Images
Photo by David Banks/Getty Images
Getty Images

On the latest episode of the Art of Wrestling -- Colt Cobana's podcast where he sits down and shoots the breeze with a different wrestling personality each week -- best friend and former traveling buddy -- although you may know him as the current WWE Champion -- CM Punk finally confirmed the news we hinted at last year: he's getting the three-disc DVD set treatment.

Score one for the little guys! And no, Rey Mysterio's sixteen different DVDs don't count.

Hot on the heels of Randy Orton's "The Evolution of a Predator" set that came out a few months back and the yet-to-be released The Rock set that will come out to coincide with his WrestleMania 28 return, the WWE has greenlit a package for the "Straight Edge Messiah" himself, documenting the life and times of everyone's favorite pipe bomb dropping, booze rebuffing, Beth Phoenix lovin' Superstar.

According to Punk himself, he's in charge of the project from top to bottom. All the way from the biggest stuff like deciding who will be interviewed for the documentary portion to what matches will be included and even down to the small, inconsequential details like what music is used. He said he hated the music the WWE offered up -- something crappy "like Switchfoot" as he put it -- so the whole thing will definitely have a definitive Punk feel to it.

Colt Cobana and Danny Dominion being interviewed over H20 and Paramore jams? Are you Cagesiders ready for that?

Punk unfortunately didn't reveal when the set would be released but this early into the year, it's hard to believe we won't see it by 2012's end. What matches would you like to see on this bad boy?

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