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Former WWE Superstar John Morrison says Vince McMahon is a 'perfectionist' and a 'workaholic'

Remember John Morrison? That guy had some amazing abdominal muscles, right? Unfortunately, it takes more than a killer six pack to make it big in the WWE and ol' "JoMo" never quite made it over the main event hump.

While he did manage to pick up a few reigns as the Intercontinental Champion and even one as the champion of ECW 2.0, most of his time working under Vince McMahon and company was spent in a tag team or providing thrilling acrobatics in Money in the Bank matches and the like.

But exactly how was it working for the crankiest man in Stamford? According to a recent interview with United Kingdom's SportsVibe, McMahon was a "perfectionist, a workaholic, and a micro-manager." He also suggested the WWE head honcho would do well to delegate more of his duties to others.

Can't say I disagree with the former MNM member. More after the jump...

Reducing tension and relaxing more is sound advice for any 66-year old man, especially one who has 30 years of stress from building a global empire from the ground up on his shoulders -- or in his heart, as it were. Then there's the anabolic steroid usage that absolutely can't be good for long-term health.

Six months ago when -- storyline-wise -- McMahon was ousted as Chief Operating Officer (COO) by the company's board of directors and replaced by son-in-law Triple H, the proceedings married fiction with fact. Rumors have long been swirling McMahon's active role in the day to day operations of his company may soon be numbered with "The Game" taking over with his wife -- and the only McMahon aside from Vince still employed by the company -- Stephanie. Vince is no spring chicken and while it may be "too little, too late" at this point, the advice offered from Morrison may help keep "The Genetic Jackhammer" around a few more years than expected.

So what's "The Shaman of Sexy" up to these days anyway? Aside from working a date this weekend for the World Wrestling Fan eXperience (WWFX), he's currently working on a project called "Out of Your Mind Fitness," presumably his take on the home exercise craze popularized by the P90Xes and Insanity Workouts of the world. You know, those commercials are so damn motivating at 2 a.m. when throwing down on some Fourth Meal but when the time comes, you just feel silly jumping around your living room alone.

But I digress.

Finally, does Morrison see himself back in a WWE ring or perhaps somewhere sunnier like say, Orlando? "It depends," he cryptically said when asked about a return to his former employer or a debut for Total Nonstop Action (TNA).

Anyone clamoring for some more "JoMo"?

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