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On this date in WWE history: ECW is dead, long live NXT!

On February 2, 2010, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon did something he should have done back in 2001.

He killed off Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW).

From our original Cageside Seats report:

Vince McMahon announced tonight on ECW that the show will be dead in three weeks, to replaced by some big new concept, believed to be a show called WWE NXT (Next Generation ... but edgier!), as they've registered a trademark for it. No idea yet if the belt will be retired or renamed. On Twitter, Tommy Dreamer noted how this was part of why he left WWE, which means he may in fact be the biggest mark in the wrestling business since the original promotion has been dead for nine years. I don't think he was pissed off when the Savoldis stopped using the ICW name, was he?

Very few, if any, pro wrestling fans considered the ECW from the 90's to be one and the same with the one the WWE had rebranded for the new millennium. It was dead for years and after the jump, it finally gets a proper burial.

Well, sort of.

We're going on two years now Cagesiders, how's this decision looking in retrospect?

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