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Christian returning at WWE Elimination Chamber tonight (Feb. 19) in Milwaukee?

This could be nothing or it could be something. Or it could be a little bit of something that isn't really anything at all.

The WWE Elimination Chamber pay-per-view is going down tonight (Sun., Feb. 19, 2012) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and the promotion is teasing a few things for the broadcast.

John Laurinaitis recently tweeted that he would have a "Game changing announcement," seemingly signifying some sort of something with Triple H, though what that could be we don't know.

Now, Christian is teasing a big return via his Twitter by linking to a simply photo that reads "LOVE from Milwaukee." WWE helped along the tease by printing an entire article wondering if he's going to come back tonight. Here's an excerpt:

Is he actually in Wisconsin's largest city? Or is he pulling another prank on the WWE Universe? If he is there, will he compete at tonight's Elimination Chamber? And what would his arrival signal within the ranks of WWE?

It was three months ago that the agile Superstar suffered a high ankle sprain during a WWE tour of Europe. Has he had enough time to recuperate? If so, a bold, unexpected return would not seem out of character.

Indeed, Christian has had plenty of time to heal and should be good to roll if the plan really is to have him return tonight. Outright speculation of it would seem to ruin a potential surprise but it's exactly what WWE would do as a way to promote him being there without having to admit that he'll be there.

What role he plays tonight, assuming he does return, is up in the air. It wouldn't be surprising if he manages to find himself occupying the Elimination Chamber slot Santino Marella won on Smackdown this past Friday night and, in fact, that sounds like a great idea. After all, Santino being there makes little sense but his winning the spot was fun enough for what it was.

Then again, they could have Christian get the surprise pop and then have Sheamus squash him in an unadvertised match. Let's hope that's not what happens.

If he comes back tonight, Cagesiders, what do you think they should do with him? And what will they do with him?

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