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Video: WWE Smackdown from Feb. 17, 2012, featuring Santino Marella winning spot in Elimination Chamber match

Here's the full video of last night's (Fri., Feb. 17, 2012) episode of WWE Smackdown, which features Santino Marella winning a battle royal to earn a spot in the Smackdown Elimination Chamber match.

Upon hearing in the spoilers that this was the plan, my initial reaction was to shake my head and completely ignore the Smackdown Chamber match now that we essentially know the outcome. But the angle was executed well on television and when looking at the roster and what they have to work with, this is probably the best possible scenario.

Is Marella going to win tomorrow night? Of course not. But he'll provide a cheap thrill or two and there's still something to be said about that.

The other major angle on this show was the fact that WWE actually booked a match between Daniel Bryan and Sheamus. This was an interesting booking choice because it's likely these two are headed for a match at WrestleMania for the world heavyweight championship.

The match was nothing special but the way they ended it left fans in attendance unsure of how to react. Sheamus losing via disqualification for tossing a referee or failing to follow instructions after Bryan taunted him had the live crowd reacting negatively to both men.

Not exactly a sound strategy for a go-home show to the pay-per-view, especially considering Sheamus isn't even advertised to appear on it. That's also a problem.

This wasn't the best of Smackdown shows and it was terrible as a go-home, but Santino made it a feel good edition that is enjoyable for what it is. So do just that and enjoy.

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