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TNA spoilers: Full results for Feb. 23 episode of Impact featuring New York Giants running back Brandon Jacobs

Yesterday we let you know what would happen this week on Impact. It included a TNA World Heavyweight title match between Boody Roode and Jeff Hardy, a Knockouts Battle Royal and New York Giants running back Brandon Jacobs even showed up to have some fun.

It seems he wasn't content to keep his appearance to one week.

While all of his segments were filmed on Monday (Feb. 13), half of them will air next Thursday (Feb. 23). What exactly are those segments?

And what else can you expect from TNA in the following week? How about an Against All Odds tag team title rematch between new champs Samoa Joe and Magnus taking on the team they won the belts from, Crimson and Matt Morgan? That do anything for ya?

How about a face to face confrontation between Roode and Sting, who inadvertantly helped the former Team Canada member retain his strap on Sunday (Feb. 12)? That situation is a powder keg ready to blow.

Find out what happens after the jump!

TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Roode started off the show, coming out to the ring to brag about being champ and to talk trash on the Stinger. He mentions Sting is going to call it quit and when the fans in attendance begin to chant for him, Roode says they'll get their chance later on in the show to say goodbye. He compared himself to Harley Race, Ric Flair, Vader, Hulk Hogan et al. but said he was better since he was actually able to get rid of Sting.

Newly crowned tag champs Samoa Joe and Magnus retained their belts against Matt Morgan and Crimson. Crimson accidently hit his partner leading to the pin. Crimson ended up walking out on Morgan after the match.

In the second match of the evening, Zema Ion beat Alex Shelley with a little help from a can of hair spray. During the match, X-Division champ Austin Aries got himself a front row seat complete with popcorn and wine while he scouted his future opponents.

Gail Kim defeated ODB. Madison Rayne tried to get in on the post-match celebrating but Kim was having none of that. THE MEGA POWERS EXPLODE~!

A.J. Styles won a match via disqualification against TV champ Robbie E after Christopher Daniels and Kazarian made their way to the ring. Kazarian ended up pulling his former friend off the apron leading to the DQ finish.

Sting finally came out and said he was done. That drew out Roode who said he wanted to be there when Sting hung up his boots. Instead, the Stinger pulled out some facepaint and put some on. He told Roode that he "woke him up" and that Sting won't be playing nice anymore. The war paint, as he called it, is on and he promises to beat Roode at Victory Road. The champ goes for the low blow but it's blocked and Sting ends up dropping Roode with one of his own. The Stinger says they've got a date on March 18 and does his whole Tigger thing.

The next two segments were actually taped on Feb. 13 as to make the most of Brandon Jacobs' appearance. I'm not sure how they'll be spliced into the show but I wouldn't be surprised to see it close out either the first or second hour. Or maybe it'll open?

James Storm and Brandon Jacobs were in the ring talking about how they have a lot in common. They called out Bully Ray who comes out and trash talks the Giant of New York's Super Bowl performance but the former ECW star refuses to come to the ring. Jacobs then gives chase..

The team of James Storm and Jeff Hardy took Bully Ray and Kurt Angle with Jacobs in the corner of the fan favorites. The match ended when the running back chokeslammed Ray through a table, grabbing the stick and saying, "Sorry 'bout your damn luck!" BEER MONEY 2K12~! Jacobs and Storm then celebrated.

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