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Kurt Angle: Jesse Sorensen is moving his legs now, doctors predict one year recovery

TNA X-Division wrestler Jesse Sorensen was badly injured at the Against All Odds pay-per-view this past Sun., Feb. 12, 2012, at the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida, when he took a knee to the head.

It resulted in a broken neck and the loss of feeling in his entire body.

He subsequently went to the hospital and it was reported that he had regained feeling in his arms but he was unable to move his legs and could only feel a tingling sensation. Now, Kurt Angle is reporting on his Twitter account that he visited Sorenesen in the hospital and his condition has improved:

"I visited Jesse Sorenson. He is movving his arms and legs. Doctors say one year recovery. I say four months. Jesse is a hero and fighter. 'I'll Be Back.'"

It's no surprise that Angle would think Sorensen could recover from a broken neck in just four months, considering the fact that he did something similar on more than one occasion. But I also believe it's been proven that Angle's quick turnarounds and inability to properly rehabilitate his neck has led to his falling into a drug problem he's never quite been able to kick and the rapid degeneration of his body.

Let's hope Sorensen plays it smart and TNA takes care of him while he's working to get better.

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