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On this date in WWE history: Kanyon returns in a crate -- as Boy George

Do you really want to hurt me? No Kanyon, we really want to hurt Creative.

On February 13, 2003, Christopher "Kanyon" Klucsarits finally returned to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) after fighting his way back from injury and health problems.

The former World Championship Wrestling (WCW) superstar hadn't been seen since tearing his anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in a dark match against Randy Orton in late 2001.

After getting back on his feet and working out the kinks in Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW), as well as surviving a near-fatal health scare following shoulder surgery, Kanyon returned to Smackdown! as a gift from the Big Show, who was trying to kiss and make up with the Undertaker after nearly ending his career.

And, like any gift, he was boxed up real nice with a red bow. Except when he was opened, Kanyon popped out dressed like 1980's pop star Boy George, singing "Do you really want to hurt me?"

The travesty begins, after the jump.

Kanyon would be repacked as Mortis, but was eventually relegated to jobber and given his walking papers in early 2004. He would have a highly-publicized battle with bi-polar disorder prior to his death in 2010.

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