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TNA Against All Odds results and live match coverage TONIGHT (Feb. 12)

TNA returns to the United States as Against All Odds is all set to pop off tonight (Sun., Feb. 12, 2012) from the Impact Zone in Orlando, FL at 8 p.m. ET, live on pay-per-view (PPV). will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, match-by-match coverage of the event below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

Although it's only two days from Valentine's Day, there will be no love lost inside the Impact Zone tonight. Former friends collide when A.J. Styles takes on Kazarian and chip off the ol' block Garrett Bischoff takes on Gunner. Gail Kim looks to defend her Knockouts title against Tara while Crimson and Matt Morgan hope to retain their tag straps against the team of Samoa Joe and Magnus. Austin Aries and Alex Shelley vie for the X-Division title but will also keep an eye on the Jesse Sorensen and Zema Ion match-up which will decide the next contender. And in the main event, Bobby Roode's TNA World Heavyweight Championship is on the line with Bully Ray, James Storm and Jeff Hardy all looking to become the Orlando promotion's top dog.

Kick your shoes off, relax, and enjoy all the action with your favorite pro wrestling website. And remember to keep refreshing!

Full results and match coverage after the jump.


Zema Ion def. Jesse Sorensen for number one contendership for the TNA X Division Championship
Robbie E (c) def. Shannon Moore after Moore answered Robbie E's open TV title match challenge
Samoa Joe and Magnus def. Matt Morgan and Crimson to win the TNA World Tag Team Championship
Kazarian def. A.J. Styles
Austin Aries (c) def. Alex Shelley for the TNA X Division Championship
Gail Kim (c) def. Tara for the TNA Knockout Championship
Gunner def. Garett Bischoff
Bobby Roode (c) def. Bully Ray vs. James Storm vs. Jeff Hardy for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

Sergio here, let's get things kicked off!

Zema Ion vs. Jesse Sorensen

Fast action to start. Sorensen flipping Ion up and over all over the place. Hurricanrana and Sorensen is in full control. Missile dropkick from Ion puts him in the driver's seat. Action spills to the outside.

Ion with a moonsault from the apron off the second turnbuckle and it looks like Sorensen takes it pretty badly. Sure enough, the match is called. Ion plays it off perfectly in accordance to his cocky, arrogant gimmick so at least something is salvaged from this.

This suck, the match was looking good so far.

Winner: Ion via countout

They do a replay of the moonsault and it looks like Sorensen was knocked out immediately after taking the hit. Injury seems completely legit as Mike Tenay and Jeremy Borash are killing time.

We go backstage where TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Roode is cutting a promo. He dresses down each and every one on his challengers tonight. Says that Jeff Hardy and James Storm each had multiple chances to uncrown him but failed. As for Bully Ray, he can only assume it's greed that motivates the former Dudley. Roode says he can understand that but promises he still retain the belt.

Television Champion Robbie E comes out. Earlier in the day, he issued an open challenge for his strap. Let's see who responds...

It's Shannon Moore! He kinda looks like Lady Gaga's brother.

Television title match: Robbie E (c) vs. Shannon Moore

Lock up to start and Moore hits some early armdrags before a dropkick sends the champ to the outside. The champ makes his way to Robbie T and they both high tail up the ramp. Moore gives chase and attacks the champ. He puts Robbie E back into the ring but the champ ends up regaining contol.

Irish whip counter, armdrag, atomic drop combination from Moore puts him back in control. Second irish whip reversal gets Moore caught and dumped onto the apron where a running knee sends him back first into the guard rail. The champ firmly in control now with some boots and a big back elbow.

High flying move from the champ gets a two count as the crowd starts to get behind Moore. He uses the crowd's energy to land a big kick and both wrestlers are now on the mat. They're up and Moore is a house on fire! Punches, forearms, THEY'RE ALL LANDING.

Robbie E is scooped up and BOOM! GOES THE DYNAMITE. The champ rolls to the outside but Moore hits a baseball slide to his opponent's back before nailing him with an Asai moonsault! YOU STILL GOT IT (clap clap clapclapclap)!

Some near falls for Moore and Robbie T tries to interfere but no dice. Moore up top BUT MISSES! Robbie E hits a huge clotheslines and then tries his own top rope maneuver. But you're taking too long, Robbie! YOU'RE TAKING TOO DAMN LONG! Moore drops him off his nards and splats him back onto the mat for two.

They go back and forth, Moore rolls him up but Robbie E forces him off and towards the ropes where Robbie T clocks Moore something fierce allowing the champ to n

ail Moore with a jumping DDT for the three count.

Winner and STILL champion: Robbie E via pinfall

Knockouts title match: Gail Kim (c) vs. Tara

Does Tara still do the Widowmaker? That move is freakin' awesome. Probably the only good thing Shane Helms is known for. Unless you think getting messed up on booze and nearly killing your girlfriend is good. In which case, he's got two things.

Tara taking the fight immediately to the champion. Grabbing her by the hair and straight up gangstering her ass. Kim is the champ for a reason though and ends up getting the upper hand. At one point, though, Madison Rayne -- and one half of the Knockouts tag champ along with Kim -- deuces out and Kim is all whatever. I guess they're fighting now. Is it just me or is Madison foxy?

Hurricanrana from Kim and she's gloating but Tara hits a powerslam out of nowhere. Both on the mat as we get the count from the ref. Kim to her feet first but Tara slugs back and goes nutso on her. Swinging sidewalk slam for two from the challenger.

Both women on the top rope and Tara back body drops Kim onto the mat. Moonsault! BUT SHE HURT HER KNEE! Not really, though. But Tara's wearing a brace on it and sells it well. She crawls to the pin but only gets two. She tries to put the champ down for the count but Kim reverses and plants Tara into the mat for three.

Winner and STILL champion: Kim via pinfall

James Storm backstage with Christy Hemme giving a really awesome promo. I've always been a huge fan of his since the America's Most Wanted days.

World Tag Team title match: Matt Morgan and Crimson (c) vs. Samoa Joe and Magnus

Joe and Morgan start us off. They're doing the bouncing off the ropes and trying to knock each other over thing. Joe with a boot to the gut but Morgan knocks him on his butt. Joe, seriously, man, lose some weight. I can't blame him, though. If I hated my job as much as he probably does, I'd probably try to eat myself to death too.

Magnus and Crimson tagged in now. The champs in control until Joe grabs Crimson from the outside and drops him neck first onto the top rope. Joe's tagged in and begins to take it to the redheaded tag champ. A few minutes of Magnus beating up Crimson and then Joe is tagged in. Crimson tries to fight back but Joe powerslams the hell out of him for two.

Finally, Crimson gets to a boot to Joe in the corner and then a nifty second rope clothesline which puts the challenger on his back. AND THE TAG TO MORGAN! HE'S CLEANING HOUSE!

Okay, this finish is actually pretty awesome. Joe sets up Morgan for the snapmare/elbow drop but Morgan pushes him off and he racks Magnus on the top rope. Joe staggers back and Crimson charges for a spear but Joe sidesteps and Crimson nails his partner!

Joe tosses Crimson to the outside and then BAM! Snapmare on Morgan, elbow drop from Magnus and NEW champs!!

Winner and NEW champions: Samoa Joe and Magnus via pinfall

Backstage with Christy Hemme and Bully Ray. Holy hell, Ray is going off on Hemme. "No matter how much makeup you wear, no matter how you dress ... gimme the mic and go away, febble woman."

Best damn rulebreaker in the business, folks.

X-Division title match: Austin Aries (c) vs. Alex Shelley

Aries being a cocky jerk until Shelley finally starts taking it to him. Aries on the outside, Shelley jumps onto him from the inside turnbuckle, diving to the outside. Back inside the ring and Aries momentarily takes control until he springboards over the top rope for a senton but gets a back full of knee. A kick off the top rope from the challenger spills Aries to the outside and Shelley is ready to dive but the champ crawls underneath the ring! He pops up on the other side and nails Shelley from behind.

Shelley on the outside and Aries hits his awesome suicide dive before rolling the challenger back in, hitting the over the top rope senton and then taking control.

The challenger reverses a high impact move from Aries and nails the champ on the turnbuckle before hitting a running knee. Aries to the outside and once again under the ring but Shelley is like that robot Shiva from Marvel Comics. No one will get that reference. He catches Aries as the champ sneaks up and tosses him to the outside. SUICIDE DIVE!

Back inside the ring and Shelley misses a top rope double stomp but retains control and drops the champ on his head for a 2.99999 count. They go back and forth, Aries hits Shelley with a discus elbow and both men are on the mat and hurting.

Aries goes for a jumping clothesline in the corner but Shelley boots him in the face! Sliced Bread attempt blocked and both men are on the apron. A second Sliced Bread attempt is countered when the champ shoves Shelley into the ringpost and then nails the challenger with a DEATH VALLEY DRIVER ONTO THE APRON! Holy cow!

Double axe-handle from the champ, roll into the ring for two count. Aries up top and misses a splash! He rolls out of it but gets nailed with a Sliced Bread! One, two ... ARIES GRABS THE ROPE!


This match is great.

Another brainbuster attempt is reversed into a small package. Boot to the head from Shelley ... TWO COUNT!

FREAKING AYE! Aries counters another Sliced Bread, brutalized Shelley with knees, hits a brainbuster and sinks in the Last Chancery submission for the tapout win!

Winner and STILL champion: Aries via submission

Great match.

Jeff Hardy backstage with Hemme complete the main event promo package.

A.J. Styles vs. Kazarian

A crying infant kept me from watching the opening minutes of this match. Sorry, Cagesiders but my daughter trumps TNA. CHIKARA on the other hand...

Alright, so Kazarian has got Styles in a submission but the Gator Wrestler is able to power out and they trade forearms. Two clothes from Styles, back brain kick and we've got a match on our hands! Suplex into a backbreaker, awesome!

Facebuster for two! Styles Clash is blocked but the TNA Triple Crown champ retains control. Another Styles Clash is blocked but this time Kazarian gets the upper hand. Styles on the apron and Kazarian leaps over the top rope and slams his opponent's head onto the mat.

Back inside the ring and both men are on the top turnbuckle. Styles is able to knock Kazarian off and flips into a reverse DDT for two. Chris Daniels is cheering Kazarian on but Styles is giving him the boots. Suplex from Styles is counter and Kazarian slams Styles into the mat.

They're trading pin attempts and Styles nails his opponents with the GATOR KICK! Styles on the apron, springboard ... TO THE OUTSIDE ONTO DANIELS! THAT WAS AWESOME! Styles then tries to springboard into the ring but is caught by Kazarian and nailed with a Fade to Black for three.

Winner: Kazarian via pinfall

Daniel is all yuks despite the bruised noggin but Kazarian is none too pleased.

Gunner and Eric Bischoff backstage with Hemme. Ugh, this match is coming up next...

Gunner vs. Garrett Bischoff

Garrett's tattoos are a perfect analogy for Hogan's and Eric Bischoff's role in TNA: lame, kind of nonsensical and overall unappealing.

They're slugging it out presumably because Garrett doesn't know how to actually wrestle. Daddy Bischoff grabs onto his son's ankle which puts Gunner in control. Garrett fights back.

Seriously, if anyone that was in the Impact Zone is reading this: don't cheer this crap. Just stay dead silent and hell, just boo the entire time. This has no place on any kind of wrestling show. This is nepotism at its worst and is an insult to anyone who considers themselves a fan of TNA which is touted as an "alternative."

Gunner working over Bischoff's neck, whatever.

Daddy Bischoff interferes again and Hogan decks his ex-best friend. The crowd chants for Hogan. Screw it, the mutants in the Impact Zone deserve this.

Baby Bischoff was hurting or something and Hogan was going to throw in the towel but Garrett said no and ended up getting DDT'd for the pin.

Screw you for this, TNA.

Winner: Gunner (loser: everyone who watched this)

Sting backstage with Hemme. Video package for the main event. This match better be awesome to make up for the crap we just sat through.

World Heavyweight title match: Bobby Roode (c) vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Bully Ray vs. James Storm

They're milking the entrances.

Everyone in the ring and Bull Ray heads to the outside while Hardy and Storm double team the champ. Ray finally gets inside and takes out both Hardy and Storm. Roode is all like, cool brotha but Ray is all yeah right and lays him out with a Ray Bottom (trademark Cageside Seats).

Storm back up and nearly gets a pin on Roode after a lungblower. Beer Money sees a momentary reunion when Storm and Roode double suplex Ray but Roode attacks Storm afterwards. Hardy back in the picture and takes out Roode but Ray lays him out.

HUGE suplex from the corner and everyone but Ray is out. He can't get a pin on anyone. Hardy up and hits Ray with a Twist of Fate from a Bully Bomb counter. Referee bump after Ray blocks a spear from Roode and Hardy has Ray pinned but no one is there to count! Hardy up and speared by the champ! Storm up and attacks Roode! LAST CALL SUPERKICK!


Storm jumps to the outside but Ray moves out of the way and Storm nails Hebner. Back inside the ring, Hardy dodges Ray who gets spinebustered by the champ. Hardy cracks Roode and then goes for the Swanton but Roode moves out of the way.

The champ goes to the outside and grabs the belt, wanting to use it against Hardy but Sting stops him and grabs the strap. He and Roode jaw back and forth and Roode spits in Sting's face! Sting launches the belt and HITS HARDY ON ACCIDENT!

Roode is laughing! He covers Hardy and makes special enforcer Sting to make the three count!

Winner and STILL champion: Roode via pinfall

Roode laying it on thick with Sting, really making the Stinger feel like crap. Okay, TNA, you screwed the pooch with the Gunner/Bischoff match but this main event made up for it.

Pretty good event overall. That's all, folks! See you in the reactions post!

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