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Video: WWE Smackdown from Fri., Feb. 10, 2012, featuring Randy Orton vs Daniel Bryan

Here we have last night's (Fri., Feb. 10, 2012) episode of WWE Smackdown, which featured Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan in the main event. The match ended in a smoz finish, naturally, with Bryan attacking Big Show (who was cageside doing commentary) and leading to a disqualification.

Orton, in turn, attacked Show for getting involved and costing him the match and this is all quite obviously building towards the Elimination Chamber match that is inching closer and closer. In fact, it's just one week away, folks.

Really, this is the right way to build a match like that, with everyone feuding with everyone else while interweaving it with each storyline for each character. Just another reason Smackdown is just as good as, if not better than, Raw.

They also had a tag match earlier in the night involving Show, Sheamus, Wade Barrett, and Cody Rhodes, which was set up in the opening angle. Somewhat lazy booking but again, easy to tell stories like this.

Overall, another solid episode of Smackdown. Enjoy, Cagesiders.

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