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Santino Marella web show 'Foreign Exchange' (Episode one)

Here's the debut episode of the new Santino Marella web show entitled "Foreign Exchange," which features Marella walking around backstage at a WWE event and interviewing anybody, from folks on the street to superstars to Divas.

This is one of the nine YouTube exclusive web shows popping up on the WWE page following the beginning of the agreement between the two.

The other eight shows are:

  1. WWE Presents
  2. WWE Download
  3. Backstage Fallout
  4. Are You Serious?
  5. WWE Inbox
  6. Outside the Ring
  7. Superstar Toyz
  8. Z! True Long Island Story

Based on what Santino's show looks like, I think everyone worried that Zack Ryder's show would get a different look and feel can rest easy.

After the jump you can check out the debut episode of WWE Inbox, which isn't even worth a separate post of its own. Essentially, it's just a bunch of WWE "fans" asking questions and various superstars and Divas answering them. The questions leave a lot to be desired, to say the least. Check it out:

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