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WWE Smackdown Elimination Chamber match set featuring Daniel Bryan defending world heavyweight title (SPOILERS)

Photo by Steve Haag/Gallo Images/Getty Images
Photo by Steve Haag/Gallo Images/Getty Images
Getty Images

This past Monday night (Jan. 30, 2012) on Raw (and really, even before then), the Raw Elimination Chamber match was announced. CM Punk will defend his WWE championship against Chris Jericho, Kofi Kingston, Dolph Ziggler, The Miz and R-Truth.

We also got word that Daniel Bryan would be defending his world heavyweight championship in an Elimination Chamber match at the pay-per-view of the same name scheduled for Feb. 19 in Milwaukee.

But who would his opponents be?

They announced that we would get word of that on Smackdown this Friday night. But because Smackdown is, of course, a taped show, we can give you the participants right now.

Read on after the jump for spoilers.

Daniel Bryan will defend his world heavyweight title against the following men:

  • Randy Orton

He's a good choice because he's the top babyface on the Smackdown side of things and he's a natural fit for a match like this, not just because he'll undoubtedly have a good showing but because he lends an air of legitimacy to the entire proceedings. His presence alone means a title change is, at the very least, a possibility.

  • Big Show

He makes sense for obvious reasons. He's been embroiled in a longstanding feud with Bryan and he's one of the top players on the Smackdown scene. They've got to fill five slots outside of the champ and Show is a shoo in.

  • Cody Rhodes

This one is a surprise and, in some ways, an annoyance. Not because I dislike Rhodes on any level because that's just not the case, but because the Intercontinental title once again takes a backseat. I suppose if they want it to take a backseat it's good to do so when the titleholder is contesting for the world heavyweight championship but we know he's not going to win, so it feels pointless. When they book titles like they don't matter, they don't matter.

  • Wade Barrett

They can tie his issues with Orton into this match and have dueling storylines going at one time, which is always a good thing. I'm still hoping the storyline with Orton ends soon but even if it does, Barrett's high enough on the totum pole to have this spot.

  • Great Khali

This will be explained in the Smackdown spoilers in depth but Mark Henry was originally in this slot before they wrote an angle for him that resulted in his being suspended. So apparently Henry is going away for a while, presumably to heal up his various injuries. It's sad, too, because that's what they should have done with him in the first place, even if it meant being without the top heel and top babyface on the brand. Orton got his time to heal and came back fresh, Henry was left out there, they killed all his heat and now he's going away right when they're starting the build to WrestleMania. All I can do at this point is sigh.

There's your Smackdown Elimination Chamber match, Cagesiders. Thoughts?

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