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WWE 'Saturday Morning Slam' results and reactions from yesterday (Dec. 8): Cena's Saturday debut!

WWE Saturday Morning Slam returned yesterday morning (Dec. 8) to give us John Cena's debut on the show. Additionally, Sheamus saw action against Titus O'Neil. All that and more right here!

Kevin C. Cox

WWE Saturday Morning Slam returned as the sun rose yesterday (Dec. 8), bringing us the Saturday debut of the one and only John Cena! Cena took on one of the members of the 3MB in Heath Slater.

Additionally, Sheamus took on Prime Time Player Titus O'Neil in the curtain-jerker match of the week.

Let's move right into the reactions for this week's show!

  • Today was obviously John Cena day. He cut the most annoying promo expected with Matt Striker. Later in the show, he took on Heath Slater. He got his own little video package prior to surprisingly defeating Slater. Shocking, I know. The match was your standard fare for the two guys involved. Wasn't anything bad, but still, this was obviously geared towards kids paying attention to the show.
  • Titus O'Neil and Sheamus wrestled in the opening match with predictable results. Sheamus won with the Brogue Kick as Darren Young sat on commentary and showed exactly who the charismatic Prime Time Player is. The match wasn't too good. Titus is tolerable in ring, but doesn't show anything that really sticks out. Because of this, it turned out to be the normal Sheamus match. Really underwhelmed by this one, honestly.
  • Booker T had his time to shine this week as well, working commentary and having a segment to teach kids how to do the "Spin-a-Roonie" for their holiday parties. Commentary went as expected, but how many kids are going to holiday parties at five years old? Man, times sure changed from when I was young...

Typically, I find enjoyment in the light-hearted nature in Saturday Morning Slam. However, to me, this didn't have the blend of something that had a bit of something for everyone. This seemed like an obvious ratings grab for a bunch of little kids to watch the show.

Therefore. the show gets a "C-" in my book. It wasn't really bad, but it was not a great offering by any stretch.

How did you Cagesiders enjoy this week's Saturday Morning Slam?

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