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WWE 'SmackDown' results and reactions from last night (Dec. 7): You can't touch this!

WWE SmackDown returned last night (Dec. 7) to take a stop on the road to TLC. Sheamus had his hands full with Alberto Del Rio in the main event, while WWE World Heavyweight Champion Big Show took on longtime rival Daniel Bryan. What else was in store? Read on for more!

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WWE SmackDown returned last night (Dec. 7) to further the developments that will culminate in next Sunday's TLC pay-per-view event. WWE World Heavyweight Champion Big Show and TLC opponent Sheamus had time to deal with each other while also competing inside the squared circle.

There was also a bevvy of midcard action featuring the likes of Randy Orton, Wade Barrett, and the 3MB!

Let's start the weekend off right with some reactions!

  • The show kicked off with Sheamus and Big Show being invited down to the ring by Booker T to sign a no-contact clause that will last until TLC. If Sheamus breaks the clause, he loses the shot at the title. If Show breaks it, he loses his title. The two jawed at each other while Sheamus signed the contract, which prompted Big Show to tip the table over on him and quickly sign the contract. Sheamus was itching to unleash some punishment on Show, but Show stood smiling with the contract as Booker T held him back. As much as I can't stand Sheamus when he has a microphone, Big Show often times goes above and beyond to make up for it with some quality heeling. This was one of those times. Brilliant segment, mostly due to Big Show's genius.
  • This led to a match between Show and Daniel Bryan. The match was rather one-sided, as Show laid a savage beating on Bryan until Bryan mounted a comeback. This comeback was thwarted as he sat perched on the top rope and The Shield made their way through the crowd, causing Bryan to be distracted. This got him Chokeslammed and pinned for his troubles. Show got out of dodge as The Shield put the boots to Bryan. Kane came out to help out his tag team partner, but the pack overwhelmed him and tossed him through the announce table with his signature slam. Again, solid stuff here, but that's to be expected considering the talent of all involved.
  • A bit more on The Shield... they were given a video spot where they taped a handheld segment about them wanting to act as a symbol of justice in the WWE. Each man had the mic equally and Ambrose obviously used this as his time to shine. These are folks to keep your eye on, people.
  • In the main event, Sheamus took on Alberto Del Rio for what seemed like the millionth time. And for the millionth time, Sheamus went over clean on Del Rio. It was a very good match, but the outcome sours on you after a while. Anyway, Big Show came out to congratulate Sheamus and encouraged him to pop him once on the chin. Sheamus thought about it, then tossed Ricardo Rodriguez into Big Show's little show below the belt. The whole skirting around the no-contact thing will get pretty tiring after a while, but this was solid enough to keep my attention, this time.
  • Wade Barrett and Randy Orton squared off in a back-and-forth contest that wasn't too shabby. The end came when Barrett pushed Orton away on an RKO attempt and tried to undo the turnbuckle cover. Kofi Kingston was behind the commentary desk and came to the apron to prevent the cheating, so Orton took this time to hit the RKO for the win. Decent stuff, furthering the mostly irrelevant feud between Barrett and Kingston.
  • Damien Sandow came out to try for an apprentice again, but sadly, he was let down by yet another ignoramus. The Miz came out to ask Sandow what Superstar wears his daddy's robe and buys their tights at Victoria's Secret. He then said that Sandow was welcome and walked off. While face Miz can actually be decent at some points, this struck me as unnecessary since Miz just came out to make that comment. Maybe the point was for him to leave Sandow speechless, but that doesn't make much sense to me if you're promoting that witty insults mean more than intelligence. But, hey, probably reading into it too much. WWE logic, folks.
  • The 3MB wrestled as a trio against Brodus Clay and The Usos, who have seemingly just fallen off the face of the Earth and have taken their frustrations out on the buffet. The 3MB continue to be the kings of the tag team midcard and they could go somewhere if they were given new directions to work to. Nothing will come of that, but it'd be nice to see.
  • Antonio Cesaro and R-Truth had a segment where Truth basically turned it into America vs. Cesaro. Go back and watch any wrestling video from the 1970s or the 1980s and enjoy it while it was still a fresh concept.
  • Hornswoggle and The Great Khali beat Primo and Epico. Also, Rosa Mendes and Natalya got into a cat fight at ringside. I care a lot more about the latter statement than anything Hornswoggle or Great Khali will ever do. Khali, go home if you still want to walk. Please.

This show planted the seeds for the upcoming week's go-home shows. It kept my attention and wasn't all together bad, but nothing to really swoon over here.

This week's SmackDown earns a "C+" this week. Some good stuff, but a lot you just can't care about in the long run.

How did you Cagesiders feel about this week's episode of SmackDown?

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