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WWE 'Main Event' results and reactions from last night (Dec. 5): Swiss Death

WWE Main Event returned last night (Dec. 5) to deliver a champion vs. champion showdown, as WWE United States Champion Antonio Cesaro battled with WWE Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston. Also, the news of WWE Champion CM Punk's knee injury was made official on the broadcast. There were more surprises in store, so read on for more!

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WWE Main Event returned last night (Dec. 5) to offer a champion vs. champion match between WWE Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston and WWE United States Champion Antonio Cesaro. Of course, there was an additional offering that presented a little surprise for the second match of the night.

The broadcast also acted as a news report on the injury which is forcing WWE Champion CM Punk out of the upcoming TLC pay-per-view.

Let's roll along into some reactions!

  • The feature of the night was Cesaro vs. Kingston. Before the bell rang, Cesaro cut a solid promo on how he doesn't hate the people of the United States, but only pities us. With respective opponents R-Truth and Wade Barrett on commentary with Michael Cole and The Miz, the match started, featuring some beautiful exchanges between the two. Cesaro hit his brilliant Swiss Death on Kofi as he came down from the top with a flying attack, furthering my point that this should be his finisher. Regardless, both men were "on" tonight and gave us a little bit of everything before Wade Barrett and R-Truth hit the ring to turn the bout into a no-contest.
  • The second match was set up as Truth grabbed the mic and thought a tag match would be in order. Again, solid match with all workers not doing too shabby by any means. Truth and Kingston picked up the win as Truth had Cesaro set up for a sunset flip rollup and Kofi clocked him with the Trouble in Paradise. Booking makes sense and the match managed to lend some credibility to all men involved.
  • One minor gripe is how tag team matches have turned into miniature no-DQ matches. Guys shouldn't be allowed to clock their opponents with their finisher in the ring whenever they see fit during a tag match. This doesn't mean much, but it still remains a slight annoyance.
  • Finally, as the show was truncated because of the continuation of Kingston vs. Cesaro, WWE made the official announcement of CM Punk's injury and the replacement match featuring WWE Tag Team Champions Team Hell No and Ryback taking on The Shield. Good call to cover this as soon as possible.

While this week's show had the usual great matches, the lack of variety left me a little irritated. That said, it was still an impressive outing and deserves a grade to reflect as much.

This week's episode earns a "B" from me.

Did this week's main event on Main Event make the grade for you Cagesiders?

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