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Cageside Seats Year-End Awards: 'Segment of the Year'

It's that time, Cagesiders. Time to hand out our first annual Year-End Awards recognizing the greatest of the past 12 months in WWE and TNA. Today, we vote on the "Segment of the Year."

Not long ago, we introduced the Cageside Seats Year-End Awards and now it's time to vote for said awards. Today, we'll get the ball rolling for the "Segment of the Year," an award designated for the most entertaining or well put together or hilarious segment of the year. It could be any or all of the above.

The candidates up for the honor:

Ric Flair returns to Raw at Slammy Awards
Daniel Bryan and Kane take anger management class
Paul Heyman fakes a heart attack
CM Punk and John Cena go back-and-forth with Bret Hart as mediator
Bobby Roode and James Storm build their match at Lockdown on Impact
John Cena and Brock Lesnar have a pull apart brawl
The Rock holds a concert in Cleveland
Daniel Bryan and Kane hug it out

Vote in our poll below and tell us who you think should win "Segment of the Year" in the comments section. The winners will be announced next week!

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