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TNA's Hulk Hogan serious about wrestling again in 2013

So the story goes, Hulk Hogan was deadset against ever wrestling again until he saw Ric Flair's return to WWE 'Monday Night Raw' and then thinking, "anything you can do, I can do better". So will Hogan vs. Bully Ray headline 'Bound For Glory' in 2013 then?

Hulk Hogan's back and knees could do without anymore wrestling matches
Hulk Hogan's back and knees could do without anymore wrestling matches
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A few days ago, we reported that Hulk Hogan had told the UK's Guardian newspaper that one of the things he most wanted for Christmas was right knee surgery, so he could have a run in 2013 as TNA World Heavyweight Champion at the age 59.

At the time, I just chalked this up to Hogan telling some festive porky pies, rather than a serious statement of intent, as the rumour mill recently suggested he had made the decision to never wrestle again, for the good of his health. But it looks like The Hulkster has already had a change of heart.

Apparently, Hogan's motivation is simple: anything Ric Flair can do, he can do better. Having seen Flair turn back the clock by more than holding his own in the WWE ring with CM Punk and The Shield ten days ago on Monday Night Raw, now Hogan believes he can do the same; according to Dave Meltzer in this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter:

"After watching Ric Flair on 12/17, Hulk Hogan now has told people he wants to get back in the ring. Probably foolish given he can barely walk down the ramp on TNA, but he’s talked about getting a knee replacement and trying to come back for another run."

It isn't just "probably foolish", it's absolutely crazy in my book, as every time he's stepped foot in the ring for a serious wrestling match in the last half dozen years, he's ended up picking up new injuries and being much more banged up than before. More unnecessary pain, and future surgeries, is the inevitable outcome of any return to the ring for Hogan, so he should steer well clear of it.

As Meltzer detailed, just last month Hogan declined a sizeable offer to wrestle in Monterrey, Mexico, due to all his health concerns, demonstrating just how set against the idea of wrestling again he was originally:

"He was offered a big money deal by Multimedios in Mexico for one match just a few weeks ago, and turned it down flat, saying there was no way he could consider wrestling again."

Apparently, Hogan would have earned more from this wrestling appearance than he would by doing a pay-per-view bout for TNA, but it wouldn't have the media exposure he desperately craves, or allowed his daughter Brooke to tag along for the ride either.

So Cagesiders, it sounds like Hulk Hogan vs. Bully Ray is the early favourite to headline TNA's biggest annual pay-per-view Bound For Glory in 2013, fighting for Brooke's heart and mind. How do you feel about that? Sounds like another wasted twelve months in store for TNA to me.

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