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Merry Christmas from

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas from all of us here at This will also represent today's Daily Open Thread.

Alexander Vaughn / Reckless Dream Photography

It's Tues., Dec. 25, 2012, and that means it's time for us here at to wish every one of you who celebrates the holiday a Merry Christmas.

We hope you have the very best of days. By the way, this represents the Daily Open Thread for today. Don't expect much in the way of posting either because, well, it's time for everyone to get to relax for the holidays.

I would also like to take this opportunity to say how much fun it's been to be here with you folks. My first full year at the helm here at Cageside is almost up and it's been a very successful campaign. What's more, I feel like there have been a lot of great connections made in our modest community here and for that, I'm very proud.

I'm also very proud of the work we've done with the site.

That includes the contributions of June Williams, who works tirelessly to edit everyone's work so it's presentable -- if you think someone did a great job on a post, just remember she dressed it up real nice, no matter who it is -- and providing the awesome graphics for our tournaments and Pay-Per-View Pick 'Em Games.

Keith Harris was the only one who stuck around when the takeover happened and I couldn't be happier about that fact. He's an extremely talented writer who is basically a walking encyclopedia of pro wrestling knowledge. And though he has a full time job and various other obligations, he always manages to come through when asked and give us in depth coverage on the biggest issues in pro wrestling.

C.J. Bradford has grown leaps and bounds since he first started in the FanPosts and represents a small but strong success story. He started out doing this for fun and turned it into a paying gig, even if he's still working for crumbs (thanks, buddy!). His precaps are immensely popular and are often some of the most read work on the site and he should be proud of what he's accomplished. We're certainly amazed at all he's done.

Hollywood Wallace deserves endless praise for his tireless work on the Wrestler Wrankings, a feature I hope everyone appreciates. I know I do because it's an awesome source for kayfabe rankings that double as a great way to know how WWE has been booking its talent.

To the departed Nolan Howell, we'll miss everything you brought to the site.

Finally, there isn't much I can say for Jesse Holland that I haven't said in other spaces already. Almost everything I know about blogging, writing, and running a website I learned from Jesse and he's been an invaluable resource to me during my time at SB Nation. The best thing that ever happened to me in this line of work was getting hired at MMA Mania and going through his brutal boot camp. You may not always agree with his various op-eds and features here at Cageside but you can't say it's written poorly and you know he knows what he's talking about. Plus, if you enjoy most of the work here, know that he had his hand in it in some way or another simply by virtue of being my mentor. Thanks, Jesse.

Oh, and for all you Cagesiders, you make this job worthwhile. I hope as we continue to grow, we can continue to have as much fun as we did this past year. Next year is looking amazing already.


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