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WWE 'Saturday Morning Slam' results and reactions for yesterday (Dec. 22): A Miz-erable Christmas?

The holiday-themed show after we survived the end of the world went down yesterday (Dec. 22), as "Saturday Morning Slam" hit the airwaves. Did the WWE Superstars Ring My Bell? Plus, The Miz, Mysterio's Masks & McGillicutty's Beard, Oh my. Find out all about it, here!

WWE Saturday Morning Slam returned yesterday morning (Dec. 22) to give us their holiday-themed television show before Christmas 2012. WWE gave us the usual two bouts of action, preceded by the WWE Animated Christmas Video we have all seen one time too many by now, as well as the "Best Of" show.

Of course, The Miz was the main attraction this week. Who else could help make this a Miz-erable Christmas?

Well, let's move into some reactions to find out what you may have missed if you slept in, or you know, went Christmas shopping, or something else funner than watching this week's show.

  • The Miz flaunts the Intercontinental Championship as he greets the crowd. Justin Gabriel came out and they wrestled in this week's "main event". I don't really know why we saw a Miz squash, but we got to see Gabriel trying to sell for him and get him over in no less than a dozen moves involving Miz gloating after Saturday Morning Slamming him around for the cameras. As Nolan would say, "I'll take it, I guess". Typical Miz stuff, to make him look like more of a winner in ring than his personality is... you know, for the kiddies. Skull Crushing finale indeed, pass the Tylenol. Now I know why The Colon quit.
  • A short but sweet highlight package is up next for the Saturday Morning Spotlight, featuring Rey Mysterio. Santino marks out for him from the commentary desk, he is always money. Mysterio is great with kids and they dig his masks, apparently he has some 500 of them, according to Mathews. Hyping the masks before the big religious consumer-based holiday is good for marketing, read: good for business. How many of you Cagesiders know a kid who is getting, or hoping for, a Mysterio Mask in his stocking this year?
  • Umm, in what was a kinda creepy, but nonetheless humorous spin on The Miracle on 34th Street (where everyone tugs Santas beard to see if it's real), Santino regaled us of his never-ending fantasies of touching McGillicutty's beard. Rey makes a mockery of McGillicutty, even doing jumping jacks in the ring after forcing him to run the ropes alone to the sound of Santino's laughter. The kids ate this up. Mysterio then gave him the ol' 619 and finished it off with a splash from the top rope to put an end to the high-flying shenanigans.
  • Side note: I don't get all the smarky hatred for Mysterio. I don't care what anyone says, the Aerial Assault Artist is entertaining to me. I used to do some acrobatics in my day, and can respect the heck out of what he does, especially how effortless and fun he makes it look. I would love to learn how to takedown Geno with a headscissors move out of nowhere sometime. I wouldn't live much longer after that, but it would be well worth it.
  • Dolph Ziggler is on my screen. It truly is the season of giving, thank you WWE. ;) Oh, just a PSA... just to warn us "not to try this at home". Well, I can think of some moves I would like to try at home, Zigs... oh wait, this is a kid's show, sorry, I'll save that for later, when off with Jill.

Like Nolan, I usually dig the Saturday morning wrestling with fun segments. It is lighthearted and fun for the people involved. Plus, any show with an appearance from the Show Stealer is a good show, despite the Miz-erable stuff in the beginning, which I kindly spared you from reading too much about here.

"B+" grade this week for Saturday Morning Slam. Not quite as Miz-erable as one might think, overall.

How did you Cagesiders grade it? Am I being too kind here?

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