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Hulk Holland's midweek meltdown: The titles, ladders and chairs edition

WWE breaks kayfabe all the time and probably doesn't even realize it. Is Madusa working on the creative team? That might explain why WWE titles are symbolically thrown in the trash on a regular basis.

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We're getting close Cagesiders, we're getting real close.

These last few weeks of WWE programming have been some of the best in recent memory and I'm still impressed with how well it's been able to tidy up lingering storylines while creating all new ones. We should also tip our hats to the talent as well, who continue to step up their game in an effort to keep pace.

As I mentioned before, we're getting close.

The product will never be perfect because this is entertainment and it's all subjective. One man's trash is another man's treasure and when I mark out for the United States Champion, I know somewhere in the "Universe," another fan is bewildered as to why Antonio Cesaro is even on TV.

Go figure.

There's nothing I can do to convince Geno MizRosko that Shawn Michaels is an overrated hack (I can already hear your mouse wheel whizzing down the page to shit on me in the comments section), just as I'll never concede that Hulk Hogan is responsible for all the industry ills of the past 25 years.

Some, but not all.

Anyway, WWE is powerless in settling an argument as to who is -- or was -- the greatest champion in each division. What they can do, is insure that argument is even worth having in 2013. Yes, I'm talking about devaluing titles, something that happens way too often.

A lot of you don't care.

Some fans see the strap as nothing more than a shiny accessory, passed from superstar to superstar when they need a little extra heat. In that respect, the belt is sort of like AJ Lee -- except the belt doesn't go home with as many guys in the locker room.

I want the titles to mean something.

Eve is the Diva's champion, yet she was pinned clean by Kaitlyn earlier in the week. Why didn't the title change hands? Because the match stipulation was if Kaitlyn could beat Eve, she would earn the right to do it again, only this time the belt would be on the line.


In other news, Junior dos Santos will be challenging Cain Velasquez for the heavyweight title at UFC 155 a week from Saturday night in Las Vegas. "Cigano" earned his shot at the belt by knocking Velasquez clean out last year on the FOX network.

Sounds about right.

When a champion gets pinned but keeps the title, it devalues said title. Antonio Cesaro in the span of one week lost to Ryback prior to getting doomed by John Cena. We know in the backs of our minds the U.S. title isn't worth shit, but does WWE have to say it out loud?

Paging Teddy Long...

I'm a fan of mixed tag team matches where a champion gets pinned, because then you have a compelling storyline. OMG! Cesaro got pinned by Ryback! Will Mr. "Feed Me More" be named the new number one contender? Then it starts a feud where Antonio is ducking him and getting counted out all the time, etc. etc.

I know what you're thinking, "Ryback wouldn't go for the U.S. Title because he's a main eventer fighting for the WWE Championship."

That my friends, is exactly my point. Ryback and Cesaro shouldn't even be wrestling one another. Cesaro should only be opposing guys who would be elevated by his belt and there's plenty of mid-card talent with nothing to do. You want Cena to pin a foreigner to make the troops happy, fine, I can live with that, because that entire tribute show is a one-off anyway.

Maybe we just need some fresh "faces."

With all the programming WWE has, it's possible there aren't enough guys to go around, in spite of those wrestlers complaining that creative has nothing for them. It could also explain the rise of Big E. Langston, along with the potential return of this former champion, who fits right into the U.S. title hunt.

All he has to do is pin Cesaro to earn his shot at the belt.

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