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On this date in WCW history: The 'nWo 2000' forms on Monday Nitro

While WCW was steady running out of ideas in its attempt to compete with the WWF in the late 1990s, it constantly attempted to simply retread the New World Order. On this date in history, the nWo 2000 formed on Nitro. And it was bad.

On December 20, 1999, just one day after Bret Hart had his brains scrambled by Goldberg at the WCW Starrcade pay-per-view, "The Hitman" was back in action on Monday Nitro to rematch him for the vacant WCW World Heavyweight Championship Title.

Interfering late in the match on Hart's behalf would be Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and Jeff Jarrett (Hulk Hogan had already returned to his yellow and red gimmick). Hart, who easily pinned a post-beatdown Goldberg to win the belt, proceeded to pull off the big "swerve," which for him meant clomping around the ring and mugging for the camera.

Unintentional laughs came when he tried to growl something into the stick, but it wasn't turned on.

Due to injuries, bad booking and fan apathy, the "band that was back together," who picked up a few extra bodies in the form of Scott Steiner and the Harris twins, only stayed that way for a few months before disbanding for good, or at least until WWF Chairman Vince McMahon decided to resurrect it yet again in 2002.

Video of the nWo 2000 assembling on Monday Nitro:

Well Cagesiders, we all know WCW went to the well one too many times with the nWo gimmick, but was there a small part of you hoping it would pan out?

Or was it too little, too late?

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