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WWE Main Event results and live blog for Dec. 19: Team Hell No vs. The Rhodes Scholars

Complete results and the running live blog for tonight's (Dec. 19, 2012) episode of WWE Main Event, featuring The Rhodes Scholars challenging Team Hell No for the tag team championships.

WWE Main Event comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Dec. 19, 2012) at 8 p.m. ET on Ion Television featuring a revenge match pitting Kane against the man he injured weeks ago, Cody Rhodes.

Errrrr, pump the brakes. WWE called an audible and changed the planned match-up to a tag team championship bout between Team Hell No and The Rhodes Scholars.

That's cool.

Come back here at 8 p.m. ET for complete results and the running live blog.



Nolan in.

Broadcast is live.

Previewing tonight's featured WWE Tag Team Championship match between current holders Team Hell No and Rhodes Scholars.

Video package on the dysfunction between Daniel Bryan and Kane.


WWE Tag Team Championships: Team Hell No (c) vs. Rhodes Scholars

Match will start after the break.

Match starts with Bryan and Rhodes.

Rhodes wants Kane to be tagged in and demands Bryan to do so.

Kane in. Rhodes unloading strikes, but Kane shoves him down. Rhodes ducks under and lands right hands. Kane tosses him into the corner. The two reverse a bunch and Kane in control with the power offense. Rhodes with a kick to the head of Kane. Kane with a slam. Shoulder block.

Sandow brought in. Kane drops him with a punch. Chokeslam attempt, but Sandow moves to the apron. Kane hip tosses him back in.

Bryan in and he gets the axhandle to the arm. Bryan with a hammerlock. Sandow with an elbow and he goes off the ropes. Bryan with the running knee to the stomach. Bryan unloading kicks on Sandow. Sandow goes down and Bryan gets the kicks to the chest. Bryan standing on top of the legs and stomps Sandow's knees into the mat.

Kane in and he hits his running dropkick for a nearfall.

Kane with a side headlock takeover and he keeps the hold. Sandow fighting up and unloading body shots. Kane stops it and puts him in Team Hell No's corner.

Bryan in and a leg kick. Headbutt and he grabs a hammerlock. Bryan working the arm and grinding the ribs, which turns into a nearfall.

Bryan with knees to the spine.

Kane in and he gets a bodyslam. Elbow attempt misses.

Rhodes in. Kane puts him down immediately.

Rhodes moves outside and fakes the shoulder injury. Sandow runs up on Kane and Rhodes takes him out by running him into the steps.

Rhodes Scholars in control as we break.

Sandow with a relentless attack of strikes for a nearfall as we return.

Rhodes brought in with a kick to the ribs. Rhodes working Kane in his corner. The ref admonishes him and Sandow cracks Kane with a few cheap shots.

Sandow brought back in with a clubbing blow to the back. Sandow with the collar tie and goes off the ropes, but Kane is able to put him down.

Cody Rhodes back in and landing strikes. Kane with a right hand that puts Rhodes down and he gets out of dodge immediately.

Sandow in and working Kane in the corner.

Rhodes back in and he gets a nearfall off the double suplex.

Sandow back in and up top, but Kane drops him with an uppercut.

Bryan in and unloading the signature kicks on Sandow. Bryan sent into the corner and he gets his backflip. Off the ropes and the clothesline lands for Bryan. Running dropkick into the corner by Bryan brings Sandow down for a nearfall.

Bryan back bodydrops Sandow to the outside.

Bryan on the apron as Sandow sells a knee injury and Bryan gets the running knee. Bryan on the apron to knock Cody down, but Sandow shoves him off and into the barricade.

Rhodes Scholars regain control as we break.

We are back and Rhodes Scholars working the isolation offense. Sandow and Rhodes tagged back and forth and keeping Bryan grounded.

Rhodes is in and has the chin lock on Bryan. Bryan with elbows to the body to get out. The two exchanging strikes. Rhodes gets the better of it with a drop-down slap.

Sandow in and he lands the Russian leg sweep and the Elbow of Disdain for a nearfall.

Rhodes in and the wishbone on Bryan. Rhodes stomping and keeping Bryan down for a nearfall.

Sandow in with a hit to the arm of Bryan. Sandow working the neck crank on Bryan. Bryan out with body shots, but a headbutt from Sandow. Sandow runs into the boot of a cornered Bryan. Bryan with a running kick and both men are down.

Kane and Cody in. Kane with a big boot to put Rhodes down. Corner clothesline from Kane. And another leads to a sidewalk slam for a nearfall.

Kane drops Sandow off the apron and goes up top. Rhodes meets him and gets some strikes.

Sandow tagged in and they both go up top. Kane fights out of the double superplex and gets the flying clothesline on Cody. Sandow gets the Terminus on Kane and Bryan barely gets there. Bryan eats a Cross Rhodes.

Sandow gets Rhodes in for the Disaster Kick for a close nearfall.

Cody up top and misses a top-rope moonsault.

Kane with a Chokeslam and Bryan in with a flying headbutt.

Hell No retains.


Tribute to the Troops sneak peek.


Raw recap.


Team CoBro vs. The Prime Time Players

Titus starts with Santino. Lockup and Titus shoves him down. Titus tosses Santino into his corner and tells him to tag in Ryder so he can get some.

Titus handles Ryder.

Young in and gets the side headlock. Young off the ropes and he gets the shoulder block. Young off the ropes and he eats a flapjack for a nearfall.

Ryder with a dropkick to the back of the head for another nearfall.

Santino in and goes up top. Or tries to, since he is afraid of heights. He gets an axhandle from the bottom rope. Side headlock takeover by Santino. Young fighting back with uppercuts and putting Santino down. Young sends Santino into the ropes, but Santino gets an arm drag into an armbar. Young gets out and knocks Santino down.

Titus in and Santino fights both men. Titus still up and Santino tries to spin around Titus, but a huge lariat puts Santino down.

PTP in control as we break.

Back and the PTP still beating Santino down.

Young with an elbow drop for a nearfall.

Titus in and he front suplexes Young on top of Santino. Abdominal stretch from Titus. Santino elbowing the thigh, but Titus puts him down once again. Backbreaker and Titus rag dolls him across the ring.

Young in and he locks in the sleeper. Santino out.

Ryder in. Titus runs into the knees of Ryder and eats a missile dropkick. Ryder with the forearm splash in the corner and lands the Broski Boot. Young blindsides Ryder and puts him up for the Gut Check, but Ryder out and pushes him into the Cobra. Titus takes out Santino and gets the Clash of the Titus.

PTP win.

They celebrate as we fade to black.


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