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On this date in WCW: Goldberg stamps an expiration date on Bret Hart's career

It was the beginning of the end for Bret Hart's professional wrestling career on this date in WCW history, as Goldberg planted him with a head kick that sent him spiraling to the end of his days as an active wrestler.

That's according to "The Hitman," in this infamous column from the Calgary Sun, where he details the not-so-super kick that put him on queer street for the remainder of his WCW career.

"Making his way back into wrestling circles is Bill Goldberg, who is most famous for his incredible undefeated string of victories in the WCW. Not to mention he's the guy who accidentally kicked me in the head in December 1999, causing my career-ending concussion. He kicked me much like a wild bucking horse and nearly knocked my head off my shoulders. I still, even now, have a tear in my neck muscle the size of a quarter that will never heal to prove it. Goldberg's wrestling ability often resembled the gorilla in those old Samsonite luggage commercials. He had a tendency to injure everybody he worked with and took his own publicity a little too seriously."

Hart was defending his WCW World Heavyweight Championship against Goldberg at Starrcade from the MCI Center in Washington, D.C., on December 19, 1999.

Here's how it all played out (kick at the 19:45 mark):

Is Goldberg to blame for ending Bret Hart's career? Or was it over the minute he signed with WCW?

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