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On this date in WWE history: Jeff Hardy wins his first world championship

Although he's been a troubled soul for much of his pro wrestling career, it was one special moment when Jeff Hardy won his first world title in WWE on this date in history at Armageddon.

Sure, this only happened a few years ago but it was actually a pretty special moment when Jeff Hardy won his first WWE championship on this date in history (Dec. 14, 2008) at the Armageddon pay-per-view (PPV) in Buffalo, New York.

Few thought it possible that he could ever get to that point. He had been wildly successful as a tag team wrestler with his brother, Matt, but he was considered undersized and lacked a few key ingredients for main event level superstars in a company like WWE. Plus, he had a long history of substance abuse issues and trouble with management.

Eventually, none of that mattered.

He was over as hell for a really long time and as he got older, he somehow managed to legitimize himself in the eyes of even the most jaded of fans. They teased his eventual victory for what felt like forever until finally coming through with in a thrilling triple threat match that also involved both Triple H and Edge.

This was special:

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