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Hulk Holland's midweek meltdown: The TLC-ya edition

Hulk Holland is back with another edition of the Meltdown. Find out why he's skipping out on this weekend's 'TLC' show, while breaking down the week that wasn't in professional wrestling and beyond.

Michael N. Todaro

We're just a few days in front of the WWE Tables, Ladders & Chairs (TLC) pay-per-view (PPV) event, which goes down this Sunday night (Dec. 16, 2012) from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. The main event will feature a TLC match pitting Team Hell No and The Ryback vs. The Shield.

So why is everyone talking about Alberto del Rio?

Word 'round the campfire is how the "Mexican Aristocrat" could be turning face, despite his desire to remain a heel for the rest of his career. The funny thing about a face turn? It's not always up to the talent. When your act is too entertaining to be jeered, you run the risk of being cheered.


Seriously, if they continue to bill this guy as a "Stallion of the Arts" like they did here, I'm applauding. And props to Cagesider Rips329 for sharing this video:

Face turn? It's not impossible.

What is impossible, is for me to get excited about TLC. True, some hot broad Emails me and tells me to do work before every PPV, but outside of that, why would I plunk down a Grant to watch a commercial for 2013? And I don't even hate the main event.

The Shield?

Well, that's a different story. I understand why guys are paired off and you could do a lot worse than playing the role of barnacle against Dean Ambrose, but Roman Plains better tidy up those mic skills because his stick shtick is on par with Andy Leavine.

Keep that up and he too, will be Leavine WWE.

Who's that other guy? Ha! Took me a second to remember Mehth Rollins, which is never a good sign. To be fair, these guys need to have their day in court, so I'll reserve judgement until after the New Year. You know, right around the same time when all these storylines become null and void.

Hey, that's a great name for a heat-killing tag team! Awwww shit, somebody call creative...

I'm not a fan of advance angles becoming common knowledge. Does anyone in the audience not know Rock is coming back and returning the WrestleMania favor to John Cena? It isn't the booking that bugs me, it's the fact that knowing it makes the current direction, well, pointless.

It's like every program has the Jericho millennium clock over it, counting down until the next big thing.

Speaking of, Booker T suggests a program between Ryback and the returning Brock Lesnar at "the granddaddy of them all." Even better, let's get Mason Ryan and have a triple threat match! Call me old-fashioned, but it might be a good idea to have at least one of the guys participating be able to sell it with a decent promo.

And not require Paul Heyman to hold their hand.

Usually a manager or valet is employed to help kick-start a wrestler's career or bridge the gap between fan and talent. When it's time to fly the coop, they go away (Aksana). In rare occasions, when they become part of the character (Ricardo Rodriguez), they continue to get airtime, even when it's unnecessary.

You know what else is completely unnecessary but should still get weekly airtime?


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