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WWE 'Main Event' results and reactions from last night (Dec. 12): Las damas y caballeros, Alberto Del Rio!

WWE Main Event returned last night (Dec. 12) with a featured bout of Alberto Del Rio vs. Ryback. Additionally, the 3MB debuted a bit of their new demo and took on International Airstrike. Find out all the results and reactions here!

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WWE Main Event returned last night (Dec. 12) to deliver a marquee matchup of a Mexican aristocrat and a buffet's worst nightmare. Ryback and Alberto Del Rio squared off in the feature match of the night to see if Ryback could build some momentum en route to TLC on Sunday.

Additionally, the 3MB gave us a little performance and also took on the high-fliers of International Airstrike.

Let's get to some reactions!

  • In the featured bout of the evening, Ryback took on Alberto Del Rio. Prior to the match starting, Ricardo Rodriguez took to the ring to "give the people what they want," which was what he claimed to be a 17-minute video package dedicated to Alberto Del Rio. Ryback cut this off to make his entrance to the ring. Del Rio was out next to berate Ryback; "Ryback! You ignorant animal with no brains! How dare you interrupt that piece of art? That was a tribute to the greatest man in WWE history!" The match was a pretty solid one, considering the limitations of Ryback. Del Rio was given time to put in some methodical offense, but he ultimately fell and sold well for the power of the Ryback. Good match to watch if you get the chance. Also, I have to agree with Del Rio's statement that his video package was a work of art and that it was indeed about the greatest man in WWE history.
  • The final match featured the 3MB coming out to cut a promo about their lack of inclusion in last night'a 12/12/12 concert and this weekend's WWE-sponsored Rolling Stones concert. The group then decided to give us a taste of their demo, which was them screaming loudly and making guitar noises. International Airstrike came out and asked them to stop and lace up their boots to face them. 3MB insisted it be a handicap match and the group agreed. The match itself was solid, as all men involved are capable, at the very least. Not much to care about in the grand scheme of things, but it was fun in-ring to close out the show.
  • Finally, Cody Rhodes vs. Kane will be going down next week and they played with the Kane injuring Rhodes narrative. Give me more of that and more of Cody's mustache, and I will be very excited about next week's show.

This week's episode proved to be another of the Main Event quality that we've come to expect. This is easily the best television-accessible wrestling program today.

"B+" is the grade for this week's show.

How did you Cagesiders grade it?

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