TMZ publishes sex tape of Tony Atlas being kicked and punched by a dominatrix


Well, this is weird. TMZ has published footage of Tony Atlas showing off a video to his colleagues at an independent wrestling event in Maine last week of him being punched and booted in the face by a dominatrix. Unlike Hulk Hogan, he's proud of his sex tape, admitting to TMZ further fetishes for footwear and oversized feet. He even told TMZ that: "I, Tony 'Mr. USA' Atlas, WWE Hall of Famer, am free to be me. And there is nothing greater on this Planet Earth than to get kicked and punched in the face by a big-footed girl." It must have been a really slow news day for them, that's all I can say... And hey, don't say we never provide anything for our female Cagesiders out there! :p