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Dan Severn: Pro wrestling is 'much more difficult' than MMA

If you think pro wrestlers have it easier than mixed martial artists, you're wrong. That's according to Dan Severn, at least, who did both extensively throughout his long and storied career.

Peter Gordon

It's a timeless debate. Okay, it's not really timeless, and it isn't really much of a debate, but there's a large segment of the mixed martial arts (MMA) fanbase who believe their sport is far more taxing than the fake, scripted world of professional wrestling.

Dan Severn, who has worked extensively in both fields, is calling bullshit on that.

From his interview with

"Professional wrestling is much more difficult. I've been hurt far worse in the professional wrestling industry than I have been in all of my cage matches. ... What makes me nervous about wrestling is that I have to put my body in someone else's hands. If that person screws up, it's me that gets hurt. ... I say this as a broad stroke: professional wrestling is the biggest band of derelicts, ne'er-do-wells, misfits, nitwits and socially inept individuals ever. There are exceptions. But that's the way it was when I first got involved, and it still is to this day."

Pro wrestling being far more difficult than MMA may be seen as moderately surprising but pro wrestling being filled with folks who basically represent the dregs of society most certainly is not.

Anyone care to disagree with Severn?

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