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WWE 'Main Event' results and live blog for Dec. 12: Ryback vs. Alberto Del Rio

Complete results and the running live blog for tonight's (Dec. 12, 2012) episode of WWE Main Event, featuring Ryback taking on Alberto Del Rio just days before TLC this Sunday night in Brooklyn.

WWE Main Event comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Dec. 12, 2012) at a special start time of 6:30 p.m. ET on the Ion Television network for yet another weekly episodic program from the largest pro wrestling company out there.

The reason the show is on so early -- and it will replay at midnight -- is because Ion will be broadcasting a special concert for Hurricane Sandy relief.

Tonight's show features The Ryback taking on Alberto Del Rio in the final show before this weekend's TLC pay-per-view (PPV) in Brooklyn, New York.

Come back here at 6:30 p.m. ET for complete results and the running live blog.



Nolan in.

Broadcast is live.

Michael Cole and The Miz greet us in the ring, pimping the TLC pay-per-view on Sunday and talking about tonight's main event.

Cue a Ryback video package, detailing his recent rivalry with The Shield.

Cole and Miz begin to talk about WWE Champion CM Punk and his injury, until someone starts speaking in Spanish.

Enter Ricardo Rodriguez.

Rodriguez asks for everyone's attention and he wants to give everyone what they want. He begins to tell the crowd that he has compiled a 17-minute video package detailing all of Del Rio's greatest hits and back story. He says it isn't easy, but he wants to introduce us to his best friend.


Roll video package detailing the lavish lifestyle and accomplishments of Alberto Del Rio.

Ryback comes out halfway through the video package to make his entrance.


Ryback vs. Alberto Del Rio

Del Rio enters.

"Ryback! You ignorant animal with no brains! How dare you interrupt that piece of art? That was a tribute to the greatest man in WWE history!"

Del Rio tells Ryback he is disgusting and that he is going to teach him a lesson.

Match starts.

Lockup and Ryback puts Del Rio in the corner. Del Rio reverses it and lands a liver kick. Del Rio unloading with strikes and goes off the ropes, but Ryback picks him up for a gorilla press. And Ryback drops him.

Del Rio rolls to the arena floor to regroup as we break.

We are back and Del Rio is wearing Ryback down with strikes. He unloads multiple headbutts in the corner. Del Rio tries a suplex, but Ryback reverses into one of his own. And holds it. And holds it. And holds it...Del Rio finally down. Ryback sends ADR into the ropes and hits a back elbow. Headbutts and punches from Ryback. Del Rio into the corner and Ryback sends him into the opposite corner hard, knocking ADR down.

ADR again rolls to meet up with Ricardo.

Ryback brings him in by his head. He slams his face into the mat for a nearfall.

Ryback working for more, but ADR with a sidekick to the stomach. Head kick by ADR and Ryback is down. ADR with push kicks to the face of Ryback. Jumping stomp on the head of Ryback. ADR off the ropes, but he gets caught under a Thesz press and Ryback bounces ADR's head off the mat like a basketball. Scoop slam is followed by a splash for a nearfall.

Ryback picks ADR back up, but ADR again unleashes leg kicks. Dropkick to the head of the downed Ryback. ADR up top and he brings the double chops down on the back of Ryback. Ryback turns it around with a punch. ADR into the ropes and Ryback tries a gorilla press, but he falls and goes to the corner. Ryback charges, but he gets a shoulder rammed against the ring post.

ADR moves outside and sticks Ryback's left hand in between the steel steps and the ring post. ADR kicks the steps on the hand of Ryback.

ADR in control as we break.

Back and ADR off the top with the flying chops to put Ryback down. Kick to the head and ADR gets another nearfall.

ADR locks in the armbar, but Ryback with a body shot and a side suplex. ADR in the corner and Ryback charges, but he eats turnbuckle. Del Rio with the jumping stomp for a nearfall.

ADR landing strikes on his downed opponent. Armlock over the second rope by Del Rio. ADR with the collar-and-elbow tie to force Ryback to his knees. Ryback presses him into the air. Chest bumps put ADR down. Running powerslam and Ryback wants the Meathook Clothesline.

ADR again moves outside. Ryback tries to suplex ADR back in, but ADR jumps out and gets an armbreaker. Ryback in the corner and ADR lands an enzuigiri to the back of the head of Ryback for a nearfall.

ADR with strikes and wants the Cross Armbreaker. Ryback picks ADR up and runs him into the corner. Meathook Clothesline connects. ADR up for the Shell Shocked and Ryback puts him down.

Ryback wins.


Matt Striker in the locker room with Ryback.

He wants his thoughts on Sunday's main event.

Ryback says that he believes in survival and that he is on the top of the food chain. He says that himself and Team Hell No will need to breathe together and feed together to beat The Shield.

Striker asks if he will be able to coexist, as he has been a lone wolf.



Recap of the AJ Lee and John Cena vs. Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler situation.


3MB vs. International Airstrike

Jinder Mahal says that everyone must have noticed that Main Event is on a bit earlier this week.

Heath Slater knows that the benefit concert is for Hurricane Sandy victims, but they made a mistake by not booking the 3MB.

Drew McIntyre notes that The Rolling Stones are performing on PPV this weekend and the WWE has added Bruce Springsteen and Lady Gaga to the lineup, but they have not been contacted at all.

Jinder is upset, so Slater decides to give the crowd a sneak peek of their demo.

They start screeching out rock noises and doing their best Rob Halford.

Kidd and Gabriel are out and knock the performance. They say that they want a match, but 3MB will only do it in a 3-on-2 handicap match.

The group accepts as we break.

Gabriel and Mahal start. Mahal trying to lock up, but Gabriel landing strikes. Mahal clubs him down and sends him off the ropes. Gabriel ducking and sweeps the leg.

Kidd in. Gabriel locks in a chancery and Kidd follows with a dropkick for a nearfall. Kidd locks in the armbar and Mahal pushes him into the corner. Kidd unleashes on all members of the group, but Mahal clubs him in the back to put him down.

Slater in and he starts stomping pummeling Kidd. Slater stomping him in the corner.

McIntyre in. He muscles Kidd into the corner and stomps him down. Kidd down on the mat and McIntyre gets a scoop slam. He goes up top, but comes down on the boot of Kidd. Kidd crawling over for the tag.

Gabriel in. Leg kicks and a spinning back kick on McIntyre. He flips over a bodydrop attempt and lands a spinning hook kick. Gabriel up top for a flying forearm. Splash in the corner by Gabriel. Side slam by Gabriel for a nearfall.

Gabriel attacking in the corner and gets a takedown on McIntyre.

McIntyre outside with the rest of the band. Gabriel takes out the group with a dive over the top. Kidd follows with a front flip from the apron, leaving McIntyre the only member standing.

McIntyre puts Gabriel down by ramming him into the steel steps as we break.

We return and Mahal has the chinlock on Gabriel. Gabriel and him exchange strikes. Mahal puts him up, but Gabriel flips out. Gabriel tries a tag, but Mahal pulls him down to the mat for a nearfall.

Slater brought in and Mahal whips Gabriel into a heel kick from Slater for a nearfall.

Slater mounts Gabriel and is landing ground and pound. Gabriel trying to move for the tag, but Slater locks in the front headlock on Gabriel. Gabriel up to his feet and pushing. He turns it into a Northern Lights suplex.

Slater tags in McIntyre, who immediately knocks Kidd off the apron. Kidd comes in and the ref admonishes him as the 3MB get in their cheap shots. McIntyre with more power offense.

Mahal in and McIntyre and him trying a double side suplex. Gabriel flips out and hits a dropkick to put both down. Gabriel going for the tag, but McIntyre pulls Kidd off the apron on his way back to the corner.

Slater in and Gabriel with strikes. Slater muscles him back into his own corner.

McIntyre in and with clubbing forearms to Gabriel. McIntyre sets him up for a suplex, but Gabriel tilt-a-whirls out and lands an enzuigiri to drop McIntyre.

Kidd and Slater in. Missile dropkick by Kidd. Leg kicks and a spinning back kick. Dropkick by Kidd earns him a nearfall.

Mahal on the apron and he eats a pendulum kick. Slater about to be in the Sharpshooter, but Mahal distracts the referee. McIntyre comes in with a kick to the back of the head of Kidd. Slater has the arm draped over, but Kidd barely kicks out.

Kidd kicks Slater and skins the cat to the outside. Kidd up top and gets the diving neckbreaker for a nearfall, as both men Mahal and McIntyre broke the pin.

Gabriel takes both men out with a crossbody from the top. Gabriel clotheslines Mahal out. Kidd back bodydropped onto the apron, but McIntyre runs and gets the top rope pulled down on him. Kidd with a shoulder block and sunset flip for a nearfall.

McIntyre on the floor and lands a cheap shot to Kidd. Slater hits the Smash Hit.

3MB win.

The group gives us a little air guitar celebration.


Next week, Kane vs. Cody Rhodes.

We fade to black with 3MB continuing their concert.


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