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On this date in WWF history: D-Generation X brilliantly trolls everyone

D-Generation X may have been the single biggest troll group in the history of professional wrestling, a claim they sought to prove on this date in WWF history when Triple H "won" the European championship from Shawn Michaels.

There are pro wrestling fans today who may only know the 2006 incarnation of D-Generation X, the one that featured a born again Christian Shawn Michaels and a much older, married to the bosses's daughter Triple H. And that's too bad, too, because it means they didn't get to experience the 1997 incarnation of D-Generation X, the one that featured a much younger, far dumber Triple H and Shawn Michaels who sought only to be trolls and entertained the hell out of teenage boys everywhere.

Like me.

Their trolling ways reached its apex on this date in WWF history (Dec. 11, 1997) at a Monday Night Raw taping in Lowell, Massachusetts, when then Commissioner Sgt. Slaughter thought he had finally found a foil to their trouble-making ways. He put the two in a match against each other with Shawn's European championship on the line.

The fellas protested this strongly, and took it seriously while preparing for what would surely be a grueling match. When it came, the two engaged in what can only be described as a classic.

"Yo Sarge ... I DID IT! I DID IT!"


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