WWE: The Slammy Awards 2012 - A Cagesider's Predictions


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So its that time again!

Every big thing needs to have a yearly award ceremony. The WWE does this to relive the year's greatest moments and award those who have made the biggest impact Boost Ratings.

In the WWE Universe this has been an on-and-off ceremony, starting in the mid 80's, then going on a ten-year hiatus, starting up again from '96 to '98, before yet again another ten-year hiatus.

But, this go around seems to have become a stable annual tradition now, with this year being the fifth in a row.

However, the WWE is now using the "Raw Active" tech to their advantage, allowing us to vote for our picks in an all new fashion. I didn't see anything wrong with the old school way, but I guess its a good way to get us viewers to download the app here, here, and here.

And now, without further ado, this years categories are:

  • Superstar of the Year
  • Breakout Star of the Year
  • Trending Now Award - (Hashtag of the Year)
  • Kiss of the Year
  • Comeback of the Year
  • "Tell me I did NOT just see that" - Most Shocking Moment of the Year
  • LOL Moment of the Year
  • Match of the Year

If this is this year's only Slammy categories, then I am quite impressed. 2010 and 2011 were both littered with Bullshit. I like the "right to the point" categories better, makes it seem more legit.

The following, are my predictions for this year's "Slammy Awards" winners:

  • Superstar of the Year: Pretty obvious it's gonna be CM Punk. If it's anyone else, well, I will certainly be surprised. With him being Champion all year, and for the longest run in the past 25 years, that alone could seal the deal for The Best In The World to secure the W here.
  • Breakout Star of the Year: I think there are several good candidates for this category, Damian Sandow certainly comes to mind, for one, but I think its gonna lean towards Ryback on this one.
  • Trending Now Award - (Hashtag of the Year): I don't know how to really answer or predict this one even though I use Twitter. As I hardly ever use the "hashtag" feature, nor do I pay attention to what's actually "Trending" now. So, I'm gonna just throw out two I recall: "#BootsToAsses" or "#GoatFace".
  • Kiss of the Year: Urghh... Remember when I was talking about Bullshit? Well, this is precisely what I meant. But now that I think about it, creative has painted AJ to be quite the little whore this year, haven't they? Lets see... CM Punk, John Cena, Daniel Bryan, Kane, am I missing anyone? LOL. Well, since I gotta pick just one, I'd say its gonna be the "Kane kiss", because to me, that was the most memorable and certainly most shocking out of the bunch.
  • Comeback of the Year: This one is gonna be, to me, the most interesting one out the bunch. Not because its obvious, but because I wonder what WWE is gonna do here. It could easily be Brock Lesnar, for coming back just after WrestleMania to begin a feud with John Cena and HHH. Or, it could be Jerry Lawler, for surviving his heart attack in Montreal and literally coming back after being dead for 15 minutes or so. And then, after an amazing recovery, quickly returning to the commentary booth. I can only go with what I'd vote here, and I choose Lawler.
  • "Tell me I did NOT just see that" - Most Shocking Moment of the Year: I don't really know. Brad Maddox' Low Blow on Ryback was pretty shocking to all of us. I know none of us were expecting that one. There was a lot of anticipation on how WWE was going to pull off CM Punk retaining while Ryback gets over, yet no one expected that, or Brad's little run there. I could see that easily taking the win. Really, I had to give this one a lot of thought, as there wasn't really much else all too "Shocking" to me this year.
  • LOL Moment of the Year: Anger Management. Enough said. This was the funniest thing all year by far. I found myself laughing out loud more in these segments then during the last ten years of wrestling put together. Well done, and deserves the award.
  • Match of the Year: Undertaker vs HHH at WrestleMania. The "End of an Era" match. A match I will remember for the rest of my life. It was the end of a story that was years in the making. Everything about this match was perfect. I have to take back what I originally posted. I have now come with the decision it will be The Rock vs John Cena @ WM28 I completely overlooked this "Once in a Lifetime" (BS) match up. Disappointed would be an understatement. There were so many more matches that could be here. Much much better matches. But I guess business is business. The only way I can sum it up is this comment below, and I quote Cagesider Kanenite,

That Rock/Cena match was so mediocre that it didn’t even cross my mind as a candidate.

I hear ya bro. I really do.

Well Cagesiders, what do you think? Agree or Disagree? Got anything to add, or maybe something I overlooked? What are your picks? Please do share! Thanks for reading!

P.S. Cody's Mustache as my write in. :)

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