Why The Shield Will Save the WWE

Those of you familiar with my posts here at CSS know I'm pretty optimistic about the WWE; I think there is a lot of talent and through the right development and booking, there are a lot of potential superstars on the roster (and not just in the WWE sense of the word). But the WWE has found something immediate that can and will work.

And that something is The Shield.

What we've seen these past few weeks now, is The Shield coming out to right the injustices running rampant through the WWE. They enter through the stands covered in body armor with a crazed look in their eyes. They outnumber those in the ring and beat them down until they can't get back up. They are the Fists of the Voiceless and they aim to bring justice to the WWE.

But with that justice, they're also bringing something that hasn't been seen for a long time in the WWE (We'll get into the whole Nexus thing later). They're bringing excitement, surprise, and actual anticipation with them. They're creating an atmosphere at WWE live events that changes how the show feels for the fans in the stands and the fans watching at home.

Go back and watch some old Attitude Era clips or some old ECW clips. The business was so profitable back then not only because of the number of fans interested in wrestling, but the large number of fans that felt emotionally invested in what they were watching. They felt invested in Stone Cold taking on the evil Vince McMahon. They felt invested in Sting fighting a one man battle against the NWO. They felt invested in every single crazy thing going on in ECW. And when they felt emotionally invested in the product, they were willing to be financially invested as well.

When The Shield begins their beatdown, the crowd loudly chants "FEED ME MORE!" hoping to hear Ryback's catchphrase and music hit. If not Ryback, then you have Kane and Daniel Bryan, 2 of the most over people on the roster today. This has nothing to do with John Cena. This has nothing to do with a WWE Title. This is about justice. This is putting the spotlight on 1 veteran WWE wrestler, 2 wrestlers who have been in the WWE for a short time, and 3 wrestlers who have only now just come up.

This is an angle that is interesting and appealing for all age groups and types of fans (marks, smarks, and whatever this guy is).

I use the word angle there purposefully, because this is an actual wrestling angle. There's no BS love story here. There's no awkward debate segment. What we're seeing on TV gives us a reason to want to see an actual match between all these guys. With what may be a bit of a blessing in disguise, we will see their first match happen in a TLC match Sunday, giving them a chance to start their in-ring careers with a bang.

Guys like Ziggler, Sandow, Rhodes, Cesaro, etcetera are all doing great things right now and should definitely be applauded for their work. They, along with many others, are all part of the bright future of the WWE. The problem is that not enough fans are familiar enough with what they're capable of, or have been given enough reason to pay attention to what they're doing (and this is largely on the WWE).

Ultimately, this is how The Shield will save the WWE.

The Shield can come in at any time and attack any wrestler. This gives fans a reason to not only watch the whole show, but a reason to pay attention to what is going on. Then, while fans are watching for any Shield run-in, they'll end up being treated to Antonio Cesaro slamming a 6'7", 280 lb man down to the mat like nothing. They'll see Ziggler bumping like he's a rag doll. They'll see Sandow be smarter than every single one of you neanderthals. These guys are all good enough to win over any fan watching them work, but the key is they have to be watching.

That is why The Shield is an instant fix to the WWE's problems. They're a shot of adrenaline to the heart. Unlike the last time something like this was attempted, things are lining up for this heel stable.

Cena can be involved, but should be going on towards a WM build with The Rock in the near future, so there's no time to bury an entire stable for him. The Ryback is the unstoppable babyface, but he's been beaten before and can fall to the numbers game without losing any steam. Hell No has 2 brilliant wrestling minds who definitely won't be burying anyone anytime soon -- and as great as the former Nexus guys have turned out -- there was only one guy among them who was close to being ready for the WWE (Barrett).

Ambrose and Rollins, veterans of the indy's and WWE development, are ready for this. Reigns is the wildcard, but can easily be carried, if needed, with his intimidating look/presence. If you add in CM Punk and Paul Heyman (and maybe Maddox for the ladies), the sky's the limit with where this can go.

Its fun to be a fan of the WWE again. Isn't it?

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