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On this date in NWA history: AJ Styles wrestles his clone on 'Wildside'

You probably haven't seen this match but it's worth your time to check out AJ Styles wrestling his clone on this date in NWA history.

I know a lot of wrestling fans roll their eyes at grainy footage and half-empty auditoriums, but don't let that stop you from missing classic match-ups, like this one from December 1, 2001, when AJ Styles wrestled his "clone," Jason Cross, on NWA Wildside.

The idea was that Cross, who turned heel under the tutelage of Jeff G. Bailey (Styles former manager) mimicked "The Phenomenal One" inside the squared circle, including ring attire, offense and disposition.

Both would eventually end up in TNA, but Cross unfortunately faded away while Styles remained in the upper echelon throughout most of his tenure. Life imitating art?

Their complete match:

Alright Cagesiders, let's hear it. Forgotten classic? Or just forgotten?

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