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WWE 'NXT' video, results, and reactions for yesterday (Nov.7): Who will be number one?

Heath Slater, Drew McIntyre, Justin Gabriel, and Bo Dallas squared off on the latest episode of NXT to decide a number one contender for the WWE NXT Champion Seth Rollins. Who will be the next challenger? Also, another WWE Superstar's brother found their way to NXT. Find out all of that and much more here!

WWE NXT returned yesterday (Nov. 7) to decide the next challenger for WWE NXT Champion Seth Rollins. Would it be Drew McIntyre, Heath Slater, Bo Dallas, or Justin Gabriel?

Also, Kassius Ohno and Big E Langston saw action on this week's episode.

Let's move right into reactions for this week's show:

  • The show kicked off with a rematch from two weeks ago, as Kassius Ohno took on Trent Barreta. If you remember, Barreta took home the upset after Ohno's fierce rival Richie Steamboat threw his suit jacket in his face. This week played out a little differently, as Kassius Ohno knocked Barreta out to take home the victory. After the match, Barreta mustered up the strength to fight Ohno off after he tried to inflict a little extracurricular punishment. This has been a solid series between the two and both bring unique styles to the show each week.
  • A promo for Corey Graves was shown next. His gimmick seems to be a weirdo with tattoos. Look out, CM Punk!
  • Big E Langston took on Memo Montenegro, the legitimate brother of Alberto Del Rio. Unfortunately, we didn't get to find out if wrestling talent was passed on to him, as he fell quickly at the hands of Langston. Langston hit him with the Big Ending twice, once for the pinfall, then the other for his dreaded "five-count." Langston probably has a lot more going for him than a monster character like Ryback, so it is all up to WWE on how to use him. It does seem like he is one of the most over guys on NXT.
  • After the match, Vickie Guerrero was displeased with Langston rejecting her offer last week. She set uop a $5,000 bounty for any NXT superstar that could put Langston on the shelf. Chad Baxter tried, but he was laid down very quickly. Again, maybe it says something that the WWE wants Langston working with a pretty big character in Vickie, but you never know with the creative geniuses in that company.
  • Bray Wyatt, formerly known as Husky Harris, returned against former NCAA wrestling standout Jason Jordan. Wyatt issued the impromptu challenge after coming out to cut a promo before Jordan's match with Aiden English. Wyatt then sent in Luke Harper, known on the indies as Brodie Lee, to take on Jordan. Harper took home the victory. Harper looked impressive as ever, being a big man with some mobility. The character of Wyatt is a solid one, something like Robert De Niro's Max Cady in Cape Fear, but it doesn't seem to resonate with anyone. We'll give this some time before making a bigger judgment.
  • Roman Reigns came out to cut a promo. Seems he is going to cocky heel route. While he certainly lacks polish, seems like there could be something there to compliment his solid ring ability.
  • The main event was an elimination fatal four-way to determine the next NXT title challenger. The solid match had Bo Dallas eliminating Drew McIntyre first with a spear. Dallas then speared Gabriel out of the air to eliminate him. In the end, Jinder Mahal tapped Dallas in the Camel Clutch. After the match, current champ Seth Rollins came to brawl with Mahal to end the show. Good booking all-around here, especially with establishing Mahal as one of the show's top heels. Capable, underused talent will thrive on a scene like this.
  • Just a closing note, I both love and hate the NXT Arena. The small capacity gives it a personal vibe and gives you a better sample size to study in the audience during matches and promos. The bad part is that the crowd very rarely reacts. Some people would kill to go to a WWE show, especially for the ten or so dollars these people pay. Show a little life, please.

This week's show was just as solid as any other NXT. If you like wrestling and want that independent feel that you get from Chikara or Ring of Honor, NXT is your show.

Overall, we'll give this one a "B+."

Check out the video and see for yourself!

WWE NXT 11/7/12 - Full Show (HQ) by WrestlingVidsUploaderHQv2

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