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WWE 'Main Event' results and reactions from last night (Nov. 7): Barrett Barrage

WWE Main Event returned last night (Nov. 7) to give us another installment of Sheamus vs. Wade Barrett in their series of matches. WWE World Heavyweight Champion Big Show had a ringside seat, so did he play a factor? Read on!

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WWE Main Event returned last night (Nov. 7) to bring us another British vs. Irish clash, as Wade Barrett once again took on Sheamus to add another match to their list. WWE World Heavyweight Champion Big Show had the call with The Miz and Michael Cole, so did he play a factor?

In addition, 3MB, the Three Man Band (sans Drew McIntyre) had an impromptu jam session, as Heath Slater took on R-Truth.

Let's go straight to the reactions!

  • WWE has slammed Wade Barrett vs. Sheamus over our heads over and over again. Thing is, it actually isn't too bad to watch. The guys are on comparable levels in terms of standing, while also sharing a similar level of skill in the ring. The match itself was the standard fare between the two, except Sheamus immediately attacked Big Show before the match. Show got really frustrated at Michael Cole's commentary the entire match, but he played no part in the actual match, walking out when he knew Barrett was finished after a White Noise. Sheamus took home the victory tonight.
  • It is of note that Wade Barrett was getting monster love from his British crowd. I guess they actually appreciate good wrestlers over there in the UK.
  • Big Show in the booth was pretty spectacular. He sort of lost all luster to me during his babyface run, seeming stale both on the mic and in the ring. Since he turned heel, he has kicked it up a notch and proven himself to be seriously entertaining in all areas of the business. While Sheamus has gotten more stale each week, Big Show still makes me care about this matchup. Kudos, Show.
  • Also, Big Show KO'd Matt Striker. For a former teacher, that guy never learns!
  • R-Truth took on Heath Slater. The match wasn't the greatest, but it wasn't a botch festival. Technically sound... for as technically sound Heath Slater and R-Truth can be. Anyway, Jinder Mahal got involved after Truth put Slater down, giving Truth the DQ victory. The 3MB celebrated in the ring afterwards. These guys could be such lovable losers if WWE plays their cards right.

Main Event puts the emphasis on wrestling during their hour time slot. It is a crazy concept, but each week, it provides a pretty refreshing show to the three hour Raw shows that seem to last an eternity.

Last night's show earns a "B" in my book.

How'd you grade it, Cagesiders?

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